Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 30

Kelsey and I worked together today. She was to sit at the "table" and I to lifeguard, but we switched it up, taking turns on the chair. The day was hot and lots of people were there - mostly Moms with their excited children. It got somewhat annoying after beiong there three hours, but we finished it up by 4. We were able to take some breaks down in the Clubhouse and we got snacks and chatted.

She drove us back to her house, but first we stopped by Steve Eades house and I got my Super Smash Bors. game back, the one I thought I lost. I was pretty happy because I was starting to consider going out and getting another. Super Smash Bros. is like the only game worth having for parties because everyone has fun at it.

Went to her house, she got cleaned up and I waited. She then followed me to my house where I got cleaned up. I got a call from Ryan, he wanted to head to a thrift store. I said I was up for it and me and Kelsey drove over to his house. Clayton came as well. We all got in Ryan's car and headed into town.

-Returned TransAmerica
-Looked around at Circuit City and picked up Doom 3 for $10
-Salvation Army was closed, but Goodwill wasn't. Ryan bought stuff.

He took us all back, and I got home just in time for dinner.

Kelsey came back later, and Dan came over around 9 once he got home from work. We watched The Squid and the Whale. Yeah, I watched it again, but I wanted to and they hadn't seen it yet; Dan left early last night and didn't catch the second movie.

After watching it again I do understand the theme of the movie. Kelsey thought it was depressing and Dan just kept wondering why the Squied wasn't real. *Slaps forehead* After they left I played some Doom 3. It's pretty cool..kinda hard too.

CHRIST this entry is long. Oops lol. Now I'm in bed and here are the pics for today.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 29

Work 12-4. It was hot and long, but I for some reason enjoyed it. Adults liked the music and the pool was super full.

Jetskiied with Clayton, Kristin, and Ryan when I got home. It was awesome. My first time out this summer.

Got home and cleaned up. Figured I'd rent some movies and have friends over. Me, Clayton, Dan, Ryan, Becca, Adam, Megan, Zack, Krisitn. Yeah we all fit in that room hahah. It was fun tho. We watched Transamerica and The Squid and the Whale. I'd recommend both.

After everyone left, I finished up Squid and the Whale. Very well done movie. The acting is awesome. The two kids' performances are amazing. I've never seen anything like that. The director shows us little scenes we don't even need to see, but by seeing them, the characters are developed so much more. The writing was also really really good. Everyone needs to see Squid and the Whale.

Well, all my batteries are dead. I'll edit in my photos from today tomorrow. G'night.

Monday, May 29, 2006

May 28

Lesley's grad party this afternoon. It started at 1. I arrived a bit after that and hung with friends and ate all the good foods that were there. Im starting to realize that grad parties are sorta..boring lol. And with like the 15 parties I have to go to coming up, I might just stay for a little bit lol.

After the party I took it easy at home. My head was hurting and I was super tired.

Dinner at gramps with aunts and uncles.

I was gonna meet friends at B/N, but they called at said it was closed. So I just met them after we got home. At Kristins we took a walk and watched some discovery channel HD show about the mystery of these 100 seals being killed. It was a shark.

We also enjoyed an episiode of Talk Sex with Sue. She's the Canadian god.

Older pic.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

May 27

This morning I helped my Mom type up little invites to my graduation brunch for family. We used her typerwriter. It's amazing! I want to use it more often. The little clicking sound it makes and the clean text. It's much more stimulating then the PC.

Anyway, I lounged around and did a little work outside until first day of work 4-8. It went well. The usual cool kids were there, the nasty adults, and the annoying kids. Towards the end of the day there was a MASSIVE party in the clubhouse and
people were speawing out of the building to lounge about the pool. I think it was my radio and the tunes that attracted them. :]

Dinner at Galena's Pizza with the Scannura's. Then me and Ryan went over to Kristin's, but she had gone out with others. We waited around a bit, but soon we just went back to my house and watched the last half of Saving Private Ryan. That movie is seriously astonishing. I don't understand how Spielberg filmed half of those scenes. He never cuts! And he uses some filter or increased contrast, w/e it is the frame is so crisp. It's only blurring when he wants it to be.

Now it's super late and I have a headache.

The pic today was what some would call a miracle, other's a sign, me? A sweet photo opportunity!

Oh, and here's some more from last night.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

May 26

We met at the school at 11. I checked my French grade, I got a freaking 88%!! I was so excited lol. We all got Subway then headed to the Wildlife Sanctuary and had a hardcore picnic.

Grad practice at 12.45 is was so boringgg. Why did they have to read everyone's name? Lol, you'd think after the first 5 we'd understand how to do it.

Dinner with grandparents at Dublin Pub. Horseshoes yuM!!

Trivia night at the school at 7. Our team consisted of Me, Kristin, Clayton, and help from Mr. Bandy hehe.

I left a bit early towards the end. I picked up Dan and we rushed downtown to catch Indecision. It's our friends band. They always sound cool live and we try to attend to help out. Normally I take pics for them, i'll include some!

Tomorrow it is offically summer because work starts at the pool. It seems like just yesterday I was there lifeguarding, now there's a whole new summer. Fun Fun Fun.

Friday, May 26, 2006

May 25

First day of no school. It felt so good!

I took it easy in the morning. Then Kelsey came and we went shopping. First tho, we played video games and she KILLED me in Soul Calibur2. She had like never played the game before. She used Cervantes and ripped me apart. It was crazy.

Anyway, I got a swimsuit and some glasses. On the way home we stopped in a field of flowers. It was beautiful.

Granparents came for hamburgers. After dinner I finished up my World Affairs paper..turn it in tomorrow. Around 9, I got a call from Ryan telling me he's picking me up and we're going to BN. I was like, Ok lol. Kristin and Clayton went too. We went crazy as usual. Fun times.

Tomorrow grad practice around 12.45, but I think we're meeting at the school at 11 and going out to lunch. Perhaps a picnic?!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 24

One final today, AP French.

I got to sleep in a bit. I had some cereal and orange juice, then looked over my verbs for about 20 minutes before leaving for the school.

The final went...err, alright. I did alot of guessing. It makes me mad that I'm in French 4 and know like, nothing. We had to write a page in French, speak to her out in the hallway, listen to fast speaking audio tapes and answer questions about what they said. I didn't finish, but the teacher said I could come back in an hour and do so. So I did, finished it up, and took one last look in the classroom and left.

At home I had some food, then layed out on the deck and listened to my iPod. I was awoken by my Mom around 3 asking me if I had work, I was like, "WOAH yeah! I g2g." Today was my last day working at the indoor pool in town. This weekend I move to Edgewood in Auburn.

Tonight I took it easy. Downloaded some tunes, cleaned out my room and packed up my iPod to ship to Apple. It's time they fixed it.

Oh, and now I'm in love with this woman. Well, herself in the 60's.

And these are today's pictures...pretty obscure, but enjoy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23

Last day of High school. Ever.

Yeah, I'm glad it's over but sad aswell.

Student Council somehow convinced the administrators to let us throw a hotdog/hamburger cookout outside. It was cool. We finally got to eat outside for once, and it was the last day lol.

I'm getting sick...but I said that last week.

Over the night I had some chili, studied French, typed my Rhet. final, and took a walk.

I took an awesome shot of this car tonight, but Im saving it for when I have a photo editing program. I've got some ideas.

Monday, May 22, 2006

May 22

Band - Nothing
French - Exam on Wed.
Humanities - Nothing
World Affairs - Paper
Rhet - Paper
Photog - Nothing
Gov - Opinion Questions

After school Kristin, Clayton, Ryan and I played some tennis out at UIS. Summer is so close.

Dinner with Mom and dad's in Chicago.

Rest of the night has been spent messin' around on the computer and listening to music. I need to look at french soon.


Line by line,
everything changes.
Markers light up,
then dissapear behind.
Through curves and bends,
through life and lies,
passing the bright and the black,
speeding up and slowing,
this machine takes us.
Just an object in space,
assembled by odd parts,
combined with heat and cold,
traveling from place to place.
Without knowledge or soul,
it takes us to our desires.
Seeing the world pass by,
no recalection or need.
Insignificant points in space,
some given importance, others not.
Signs, lights, bumps, and voice.
This small little transport,
taking us to and from the next memory.
The earth a combination of pieces,
broken ideas, hopes, and loves.
Aging within, going grey,
it is still with us.
A tiny architecture of bolts and metal,
giving our life movement,
to which we never acknowledge.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 21

Art Fair downtown today. Met up with Erik and Casey. I hadn't seen Casey in a while and it was cool to hang. I work with Erik at the pool, well not often, but we work at the same place.

We wandered around, saw awesome photography booths, took them inside the Archives, got inside the capital to see Kristin's artwork. I was there!!

After a while Erik needed a ride to his house out by Washington Park, so I drove him there, Casey came along. Took Casey back, then Mom called and had me pick up some yarn for her at her friends house.

When I got home I layed on the deck with my iPod and fell asleep. It felt so good.

Dinner at gramps with cousins later. Rest of the night will be spent trying to study for French exam on wed. I'm so screwed.

May 20

This morning me and Kelsey had a meeting at Edgewood for lifeguarding this summer. We got to see Barb. Omg, she's so crazy. Found out I don't really work that often, except for one week when both Austin and Kelsey are gone.

Afterwards we went shopping for the gift. We found what we needed. In the process we played guitar hero, got pizza slices, got bitched at by a lady in borders, had a slight panic attack, and spent most of our money. was fun.

Got back home around 4. Messed around online and talked with family until my neighbors came over for dinner. I got into a heated debate with my neighbor's boyfriend about JFK assassination. He just couldn't grasp the facts.

Clayton's party around 8. It was really fun, lots of foods and friends. There were a couple games of hide and go seek. In one, we couldn't find Nathan for almost 30 min. It was def a challenge.

Tomorrow I have no idea what's going on. Maybe I should look at French? Nah lol.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

May 19

After school Dan came home with me. We messed around and discussed plans for later on.

Dinner was served, but soon I got a call from Clayton warning me the tickets for the DaVini Code tonight were getting sold out. So we decided to get dan and head into town, get our tickets, waste some time, then see the movie.

So Dan got dropped off, we picked up clayton and headed to the theater. We bought our tix for the 10pm show. We wasted our time in Best Buy, BN, and the mall. We found some crazy ass lady in BN with huge gashes on the back of her ankles. She preached jesus' name and soon we were frightened.

The movie started at 10 but most everyone got there around 9.15. It was packed.

Amid the controversy, I LIKED IT. It worked for me. It was no masterpiece but it deserves credit. The soundtrack was beautiful and I liked Hanks. Changes from the book were fine. Enough was already included, the movie could've been shortened by 30 min.

Tomorrow is job meeting with Barb down at Edgewood. OH Barb.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

May 18

Today was beautiful - Every part of it.

Last day of the JFK presentation. It was seriously one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. I didn't know anything about the assassination or the theories. I am actually really interested, I might pick up one of those books.

Job interview @ 4 for computer job up the road. I basically showed up already having a job, so they showed me around and asked me how much I could do on a PC. They said since I'm interested in Advertising/Design, I could work with Photoshop and create flyers or logos for their clients! woot.

OC finale tonight. Seriously, wtf. She's dead. WOW.

Oh, and Clayton came to get musics around 7. We talked about everything from EE Jump to Mommie Dearest. Hahha. We aslo got to witness the OC death together.

Tomorrow's the last friday EVER. wow.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

May 17

I went straight to work after school. It sucked..Sooooo boring. The best part of work was sitting outside in the cool breeze and eating snacks. I did learn tho, that next week is my last week. And I just learned from Kelsey that Barb has called the meeting for Edgewood this Saturday around 11am, so everything for summer seems to be falling into place.

At home I messed around online, uploaded pics, finished my photog portfolio, listened to music.

I think I might be getting sick >>

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May 16 - Story

By Justin C.


Tony’s faint call into the cold, empty space was never heard. The blank walls, chipped and weathered, stared back at him. His lonely voice echoed for only a moment inside that empty room until it was swallowed up by the darkness.

He was alone. He just figured his friends were played a trick on him like they sometimes did, but something was different this time. Tony had arrived at the abandoned house a little late this evening. Normally him and his friends would hang out in the aged house and try to frighten each other. Tonight, however, Tony was late. His Dad was lecturing him again; telling him how much of a disappointment he is to his father how much better his life should have been. Tony knew not to listen. His father spent too much time at the office to understand anything of his family.

When he had climbed over the rusty gate just ten minutes ago, he saw the usual light in the kitchen. A candle was always burning in the window when a get together was occurring. It signaled to the teens someone was inside the house. The thought of entering it alone would frighten any of the adolescents, especially after sharing so many horror tales within its moldy walls. However, Tony was never scared to go in first and light the candle. Ten years in the Boy Scouts served him well. He was used to being in a tent, alone, out in the wilderness.

So, tonight, with the candle in plain view in the kitchen window, Tony did not think twice before entering. He knew he’d find his friends sitting on the floor in the kitchen, leaning against the rotting, turn of the century cabinets talking. Sometimes at their meetings they would reflect on the goings on of that day, commenting on someone at school or a grade they received in history class. Most nights though, were spent exchanging scary tales. Tony knew his fair share of good horror stories from camping with the Boy Scouts, so he was a favorite for an evening thriller.

Now, after entering through the house’s side door just minutes before, he was standing in complete darkness. When he had walked into the long kitchen earlier, he saw no one. He took a few steps forward, peering into the house’s living room. Cob webs and dust covered every inch of the seating area. An old chandelier hung from the ceiling, its hanging crystal decorations shaded with soot, unable to reflect even the most minute bit of light. Long red drapes hung from the ominous windows. Five windows lined the west wall. Opposite of that, the eastern wall housed the large brick fireplace. The fireplace still contained a few burnt logs from when the house was once occupied. Tony turned around and paced back into the kitchen. He took a seat against the wall, facing the old, chipped cabinets and earthy farm sink.

Suddenly, his head perked up for he had just heard a noise. With just a single candle burning in the kitchen, it was difficult to tell where the sound had come from. At first, he believed the noise to be footsteps, but it was far too light of a sound for that. Again he heard it. Tony could comprehend it was coming from the living room, but he couldn’t see into the wide room enough to make out the source of the sound.

He wasn’t scared. This type of thing happened all the time here. Pranks were played on all his friends on countless occasions. The house itself scared most of the teens so much that even a little squeak would scare them. For Tony, this was not scary. He was almost one hundred percent positive he would find his friend Jake or Greg, hiding behind one the couches in the living room.

He felt his way into the dark room. The candle in the kitchen was too far away now to have any effect. Tony relied on his eyes and knowledge of the room to navigate his way towards the middle.

Step, step, after small step, he edged his way into the center of the living room. He turned around and stared at the five massive colonial windows towering over him. He felt for a second as if they were watching him, but just then the noise he had heard earlier rung out within that room. That sound was echoing through the darkness from right behind him, right next to the fireplace.

As he turned around, he already had a smile on his face, knowing the prank was up, but that expression soon faded.

The light from the five windows shown onto a figure, hunched over in front of the fireplace. The person was cloaked in black. His eyes adjusting a bit, he could make out a head of ice-white hair. It was long and somewhat curled. The figure was a woman.

Tony’s heart began to beat, sweat starting to form on his forehead. He had never been scared before. Lots of questions were running through his head, “Who is this? What’s she doing? Where are my friends?”

An arm reached out into the night, the woman’s hand emerged from inside the cloak and grasped a cane. It was wooden and curved slightly at the top. Most of the person’s weight had to be on this cane for she was leaning to her left considerably. Slowly, she began to turn. She limped around herself, using her cane with each step. Each time she would lift up her can and place it back down, a small “thud” would echo through the room. This was the noise Tony was hearing earlier.

He stood there frightened. He wanted to run, but his muscles were frozen. He was scared for his life, never had he felt like this before.

Tony watched as the moonlight enveloped the woman’s face as she turned. A pale white face was revealed. She was old, and wrinkles lined her face going in every direction. Both of her eyes were closed. She did not say a word for her mouth was sewn shut. Tony gasped. Her eyes sprang open as the moonlight struck her entire face. The large center portion of her eyes were bright blue, encased by a sea of black around them. She had no eyelashes or eyebrows.

The most hideous woman Tony had ever seen was standing right in front of him and staring deep into his eyes.

She started to limp towards him, moaning. He couldn’t move. The old floorboards rattled with each step she took, but other than that, no sound existed in that room. All Tony heard was a moan and all he could see were the blue eyes, burning in the darkness, getting bigger with each step.

Just then a bolt of lightning struck, the entire room was lit up. Tony about fainted. Everyone of his friends were sitting on the couches inside that living room, staring at him. Each of their mouths were sewn shut and they eyes burnt blue. They were like statues.

As the last hint of light was swallowed up by the darkness, the room lay quiet. He was alone once again in the black. He began to hear the limping woman getting closer to him and her moaning.

Suddenly, the noise stopped.

There was silence in that room for almost ten complete seconds - it felt like an eternity to Tony. Then, the tiny kitchen candle extinguished itself.

Tony stood ridged in a completely still, lifeless atmosphere. He was alone.




Then he saw them.

Tens of dozens of bright blue eyes staring at him in the darkness. He felt as if they were looking down into his soul, examining each memory of his life. Countless sets of blue eyes flooded the room, much more than just his friends.

Soon, the old woman’s moaning continued and the small thuds got louder against the floor. The other occupants of the room began to chant and let out screams, piercing into the night.

The living room went silent once more.

Tony felt a cold, crusty, wrinkled hand grab his arm.

It was over.

All he felt was a dull needle being forced through his lip as he fell to the floor, draped in blue.

May 16

After school, I made up my last day of band! Im done!

The rest of the night has been pretty boring. I took pictures and had pizza for dinner.

No homework.

I'm ready for summer, fun activities, and the pool.

Monday, May 15, 2006

May 15

First day of the last week of school.

After school made up for band. Just 1 more time left!

I didn't go to Jazz tonight. I went over to kristin's house so we could finalize our Donnie Darko presentation for tomorrow. We got all the scenes down, and the handout typed out. We attempted to make cookies for the class too, but they didn't turn out as well as we had hoped lol.

Got home around 9.30. Just uploaded pics from today, not the best, but enjoy.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14

Was woken up around 10am by my sister telling me my grandparents were coming over for breakfast. It was a good breakfast. After that I found a movie on our cable box that was acutally worth watching, "The Butterfly Effect". I had never seen it before, it was pretty mediocre, but I liked the idea behind it. Sometimes you wonder if you can go back and change things.

I got cleand up slowly and got to Kristin's so we could work on our Donnie Darko presentation. We picked scenes and discussed how we were gonna go about presenting it. Had to leave bit before 5 for Mother's Day dinner. My cousins still annoy me to no end, so I find a quiet place and stay away from everyone.

Tonight I got my notecards ready for the debate tomorrow in Rhet. about "Intervetnion In Africa". I'm pro. It's such a joke class. I doubt anyone actually prepaired for it besides me. Also tonight, typed up a rough of DD handout for Humanities.

Last week of high school. I can't believe it went so fast. It was a good 4 years tho.

May 13

Today I had to be at the school around 9am to help set up for the Jazz Dance. It was hella boring and I really didn't do anything. People were just sitting around so I went home around 10.15.

After lunch Kelsey and Steve came over to watch the press conference and just hang out. We played like a thousand games of Super Smash Bros. But we had to stop because kelsey was starting to get diseased or something. lol

Got to school at 6.30 for the Jazz Band Dance. High school band and middle school band rotated. I played about 10 songs, lasted from 7-10pm. Afterwards we all headed to Steak and Shake. It was fun. Me and Kristin split a milkshake, but we soon caught eye of all these foods comin' our way, so we decided we needed some food. I guess we found some Sonic coupons so we headed there, but it was closed. Mallory dropped stuff off at her sisters apartment, got me back to my car and i got home.

It was a fun saturday.

None of the pics I took turned out, but this one my sister took of the band tonight was good. You can see me, but I have my mouth open lol.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 12

This morning sucked because I had early jazz band, when I didn't get back from OkGo until like 1am.

After school made up for band again. Lol, now that Mr. Jones is actually enforcing the rule for me he has to make others make-up as well. So me and all my friends just played some music together for 35min. Then got the hell outa there.

Becca Koe's graduation party was at 5. Didn't get there until 6.15. It was fun. People like Steve E. was there. We got good food and a big tv to play some mad video games. Halo and then Super Smash Bros. Clayton came later, but he got to use his star character peach with her "trix and magixs". Lol.

Me and Kristin left early and decided to go through Wal-Mart and Barnes and Noble. Seriously, there are some nasty people in walmart. We found these sweet sunglasses but didn't get them. However she found Clayton the. coolest. present. ever. You'll have to wait and see. We met up with Mallory at Barnes and Noble, but didn't stay long. Ryan came over to Kristin's house and we all watched some of Donnie Darko again. We gotta do a presentation on it on Tues!

Shot from a light at kristin's house. Sorry for the lame attempt, but I hadn't uploaded the Ok Go pics until just today, so I did 2 updates in a row.

Tomorrow's the Jazz Band Dance. Last one ever.

Friday, May 12, 2006

May 11

Ok, didn't have a chance to post these shots yesterday cause we got home from OkGo around 1am, but here's a recap and some pics.

We left around 5ish. Got down to Mississippi nights around 6.30. Waited in the line outside till 7 when the doors opened. Then we had an hour to chill, so we bought some merch and met people. The opening band Tally Hall was KICKASS. Like, nothing I've ever heard before - very unique sound. I liked it alot. Second band was The Lashes. I think they just tried too hard. The guitar sounded awesome, but only because it overpowering everything else. The crowd couldn't hear the vocals at all. The Lashes have one good song I like, and it was cool cause they played it.

Ok, so they set up the stage for Okgo and they soon emerged. The crowd went crazy. Now first of all, this band has seriously THE best clothes. I mean, I want to know where they shop for those suits and shirts. Freakin' cool as hell. Anyway, they sounded amazing..blew away the opening bands. They sound so clean and polished. They even do coordinated moves on stage, something Franz does too but it's always cool.

Oh, and the crowd was lame in the beginning. So me and my friends went insane and got everyone going. Yup.

The setlist, uhmm. I forget the order, but here's what I remember.

No Sign of Life
Let it Rain
Crash the Party
It's A Disaster
Oh, Lately it's so Quiet
You're so Damn Hot
2 covers! Electric Light Orchestra and Talking heads!
Do What You Wannt
Here it Goes Again
Good Idea at the Time
(And one or two others from their first cd that I can't name)

Overall it was kickass. Def worth seeing them again. Would I go again? Hell yes.

Tally Hall!

The Lashes!

Ok GO!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10

Early jazz. Then after school headed to work. Got done with that at 6. Came home and got dressed up for the scholastic awards at the high school. Took a while, but it was cool. Finally got home at 8.30.

Just a bit of french to go over and get my photog portfolio together.

Ya kno, it's weird how fast things change. Friends, school, family, attitudes. Life's a crazy thing.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9

1/2 day today, but me, Dan, and my sister got to get out a bit early to run home and get set for the big evet. Nintendo Press Conference. Woot. haha. It was awesome to witness it live. Me and Dan were freaking out. Looks like Nintendo's got a good showing this E3 and a strong console. I just hope the message translates well to the public. I know people will like it once they understand it. Well, I'll still buy one haha. If interested check here:

After all that business, got some Wendys for lunch and just hung out.

Later did some scrapbooking with Kristin and tuned into Bewitched on her cable thing. I like that movie.

Pics for today are kinda boring, but I tried. There was a lot going on lol.