Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9

1/2 day today, but me, Dan, and my sister got to get out a bit early to run home and get set for the big evet. Nintendo Press Conference. Woot. haha. It was awesome to witness it live. Me and Dan were freaking out. Looks like Nintendo's got a good showing this E3 and a strong console. I just hope the message translates well to the public. I know people will like it once they understand it. Well, I'll still buy one haha. If interested check here: http://wii.nintendo.com

After all that business, got some Wendys for lunch and just hung out.

Later did some scrapbooking with Kristin and tuned into Bewitched on her cable thing. I like that movie.

Pics for today are kinda boring, but I tried. There was a lot going on lol.


gothchild said...

i fre4aking like the second pic... dialing numbers......great one......

Dan said...



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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