Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 28

Last day of February and a great day to go along with it.

V picked me up this morning to walk to CS lecture. It was probably the first time we were both a little confused with the lesson, normally it's been soso easy. Hmm..should I read the book? The walk back to Allen sucked. I HATE rain - hate getting wet. It didn't really look like rain on the way there, so neither of us had an umbrella. Soaked for lunch!

Lunch was alright...crappy pizza?

Up 'till math lecture at 2 I got my ADV assignment almost complete. V picked me up again and we trecked to the quad for our 2 o'clock classes. She has Rhet I think, I go to math...they're right next door to eachother tho. Eh, math went okay. Each day we get into more complicated stuff, which is how it goes I guess. Quiz tomorrow too. GOTTA STUDY.

When I got back from Math it was nonstop homework 'till dinner. Finished up the ADV project, printed it. Then I typed like a feind on the Rhet paper. It almost got finished before dinner at 5. I took a break and sat at dinner for a while, at least until 5.45ish when I had to leave and get my coat to go to cs lab. I didn't stay, my TA is horrible. I just wanted my exam grade. ONLY MISSED 4 DOOODE.

Back from CS, I totally finished up a 4 page rough draft for peer workshop tomorrow. I am in the computer lab now. It's about 7.45. Im supposed to go swim laps with Danny across the hall at 8. I just printed my rough draft so Caitlin can look it over before I had something totally horrible tomorrow haha.

Here's to a good night hopefully, seeya.

February 27

I think this was a good Tuesday. Class-filled, yes, but not in anyway annoying.

Econ went slow as usual however this morning. The class is still basically a joke. I don't think I have learned anything really. Hopefully that changes so he has something to test us on for the upcoming midterm. He let us out early if I believe. Me, V, and Brickman ate lunch right afterward, I think it was around 11ish?

Anyway lunch was so amazing! They had basically every dish here I love. Pulled pork, chicken fingers, onion rings, grilled cheese, tomato soup! Normally just one of those things makes up my lunch so I had an extremely difficult time trying to pick and FIT everything on my tray.

After math later I went to the conference with my Rhet teacher. No worries, everything went smoothly. We had to show him our progress on our upcoming paper on MEN IN ADVERTISING and then he was "supposed" to return our past paper. He said however, he stil hasn't finished mine. WTF. I want that paper back. He said hopefully by Thursday. YEA U BETTA.

Nothing exciting tonight, after dinner me and Kristin messed around and watched Idol while we "worked" on our ADV project. Mine's almost done. I will buckle down tomorrow and finish it up. Speaking of stuff to do tomorrow, I got a ton to do! Rewrite for Rhet + more pages, study for math, go to CS and get my exam, do laps with doode across hall. AHHH.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 26

Back to classes. Getting reading this morning was rough, I didn't sleep well last night at all. Probably a combination of being sick and not being used to the bed? I dunno. I'll catch up on that tonight I guess.

CS was yet again a joke. Then Virginia had to run by the Union to pick up something, so I walked back and waited for her to eat lunch. She gave a call about 12.20ish and I met her in the dinning hall. We ate with Alli and matt. Good laughter as usual.

Me and V took the bus all the way to the quad at 2. I think the first time we've done that, pretty conveinent I'd say! Math lecture at 2 was one of the first this year that I actually need to pay strong attention to, it was actually difficult. I don't really know if I totally understand it right now either. Hopefully questions will come up tomorrow in discussion.

Afternoon was chill until dinner. I collected ads for my Rhet paper in Caitlin's room. Dinner was alright, lasagna and salad? Then I worked on my Rhet paper until 24 at 8, then the Hills at 9, and finally DanceLife at 9.30. Whew. After all those shinanagins I sat down to realize my paper was shit. I rewrote it and I think Im happier with it now.

It's 12.30 and I think I got all my shit done finally. Time to sleep.

February 25

Ah, it is Sunday. Time to go home. I woke up pretty late, almost noonish I think? I had some coffee cake and looked at the sunday ads - haven't done that in a while. I got a call from Ryan after that, he wanted to hang out for a bit and say goodbye I guess. (Oh and also fix something on this computer - that's probably what the reason was lol).

Anywho I went over to Ryans. I helped him with some Mac programs and introduced him to the amazing world of torrents. We didn't chill for that long, I had to be home at 2 for a late lunch with the grandparents. We said our gbyes and I headed home. Lunch was really really good. My Mom made this crazy asian orange chicken salad?! I dunno, but it tasted so good. My grandparents were also there and it was great to see them.

After lunch I packed my car and got it ready for the drive back to Champaign. I said my goodbyes and thankyous. I told my family I'd proabably be back home in 3 weeks...Spring Break! The drive back to the CU was alright, at times it seemed long and at times it went by fast.

Back at Allen I moved all my crap in and unloaded my car. Once everything was out I drove the car to the parking lot and made the long walk back. I got back a little late for 5 o'clock dinner, but in time enough. It was nice to see everyone and laugh.

For the rest of the night me and Virginia worked on submitting the MP2 then oscar party in my room! Haha, more like just me, V, and Caitlin. Great oscar year I thought, Ellen did good and all the movies seemed worthwile. Glad The Departed won, Gore got the Documentary and Seinfeld's bit was great too. Night.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 24

I woke up to pancakes and bacon this morning! Yummy!

After breakfast I lounged and watched TV for a while, but finally got up and took a shower and got some stuff done. I completed outlining my next paper for Rhet. I need an intro and some body paragraphs to discuss with my teacher by Tuesday at a "Conference". The paper is on men in advertising/pop culture and how they have become less of a group of onlookers, and more caring of how they look and appear, like the woman always have. Should be interesting i guess.

I got ahold of Dan later in the afternoon so we hung out and hit up some stores. Chatham has a new Goodwill which had a great stock of guys clothes, which is normally hard to find. I got 2 shirts. After that, we drove into Springfield and roamed BestBuy, Office Depot, and BarnesNoble. I had to be back home around 6.30 for dinner. Dan ended up coming with us to Gabatonis for pizza. AH I love that place. I think I have also been there every time I come home too.

Earlier tonight there was a dance at one of my friend's churches, some type of fundraiser for New Orleans or something - seems a bit late now? Anywho, Indecision played and then some mediocre dance music followed. I had fun with the kids and we showed people what was up.

After that I got ahold of Molly. I met her at Breadstreachers downtown. The show was over, but we were trying to find somewhere to go and hang out/do something. Erin called and she was going to go sit at Denny's. I told Molly to meet me there. When I got to Denny's I said hello to Erin and her friend Jo, we talked for about a half hour-ish? Good catch up time. Molly phoned and said she probably couldn't make it there.

Im in bed by midnight on a Sat night...when's the last time this happened?

February 23

Woke up late today at home. All afternoon I chilled and sort-of got some math homework accomplished. I talked to Dan and we decided that we would hang later after the basketball game. It seems that every time I got home, I end up at a high school basketball game on Friday night haha. Ohwell, I do get to see everybody and get out of the house.

I think Glenwood ended up winning the game vs. Southeast. It was a pretty boring game, the teams just went back and forth. Which is what they usually do, but I dunna. It didn't seem entertaining.

Afterwards I hung with Dan at his house. We watched 'The Departed'. Awesome movie! Bit long, but it's Scorsese. The acting was great along with the story. I feel good to have at least seen one of the nominated movies for the Oscars. Or is Little Miss Sunshine nominated? I forget.

Ah well, tomorrow's Sat. Night

Friday, February 23, 2007

February 22

Full day of classes today, plus I got sick again. BOO. 5 classes to be exact. First I hit Econ in Allen with Virginia and Brickman, then we eat a quick lunch. Afterwards, me and Virginia hop on the bus to the Business Quad for CSlab. Then we part ways and I wal towards the Union for Math, Rhet and then FINALLY advertising!

Advertising is really getting on my nerves. We have learned nothing. Nice credits tho, haha. I left early because as usual we weren't doing anything. I walked and got my car and then drove it to Allen and filled it up with stuff and drove home. Yea, this weekend is a home visit - I may go back on Sat, I guess it just depends what's going on Sat.

I got home right around dinner time. Chicken was cooking for dinner, but I desperately needed a haircut, so my Mom took me to get one up the road before dinner was ready. I am leaving it longer than usual, but the lady trimmed it a little and thinned it out. My hair is just so fucking thick, it needs to be thinned...ALOT.

After dinner I hung with Ryan. We talked and chilled, then tried to hang with Adam but he has a 8am class tomorrow. Boo. Instead we got a snack at Mcdonalds then raied Meijers. Some scrubs action when we got back.

February 21

Today was a pretty quiet day. Woke up late and went to CS with Virginia. The exam was last night and we both feel good about how we did. After the boring lecture on Excel, we headed back to Allen for lunch. About 1.40ish she appeared in my room to walk to the quad. It was such a nice day this afternoon! The sun was out, the snow is melting and we saw a bunch of people on the way there we knew.

After classes I did the usual "waste the afternoon until dinner" thing I have gotten into. It normally consists of watching the Food Network or downloading as much music as possible. Haha.

Dinner was alright, but still not as good as the Mardi Gras dinner last night. Today's Ash Wednesday and I have seen some people with the ashes on their forehead, even Gina. The rest of the night looks to be alright. Hopefully I can rest up for tomorrow, I feel I might be getting sick.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 20

Woke up this morning and lazily walked into Econ. I still can't get over how much easier this Econ is, it's almost a joke compared to last semester. WowWW. Right after, me, Virginia, and Brickman hit up lunch. It was pretty good.

After lunch headed to classes at 1. Math went alright - we got out early, then Rhet got canceled. So I had nothing to do until 3.30 so I walked back to Allen and chilled until Advertising. Me and Kristin walked to Advertising a little before 3.30, it's so warm out! It feels awesome. The snow is melting so fast tho.

Adv is basically a joke aswell. I just bring my computer and talk to people/surf the web the entire time. After Adv it was time for dinner - MARDI GRAS DINNER. Ok this was probably the best dinning hall dinner of the year. They had steak and it tasted amazing! Guyz get the steak!

After dinner it was time to pack up, study a little for CS and head out. Me and V stopped by the music building to look at classrooms for her girl scout troupe, then trucked on over to the Business Quad for the CS exam. It was basically too easy, If I don't get an A+ I'm going to be pissed.

I didn't have much to do the rest of the night so I decided to go to some laps. I might try and make this a regular thing and get my stamina back up. Lets try!

Monday, February 19, 2007

February 19

I did it! Slept until 10.15ish. That is an incredible amount of sleep, almost 11 hours? It worked though, I feel 100% better today. CS this morning at 11 was yet again a joke. This class needs to pick up so I can actually learn something. Then me and Virginia hit up lunch. It was pretty good - chicken tenders with honey mustard!

Math exam at 2, but me and Virginia headed out early to see if we could find any Chief paraphernalia on sale since it is OUT. Recently the board of execs or something crushed under pressure from the NCAA and retired the Chief. 80 year tradition out the window. Was it really even that offensive? It is not like we are making fun of him or the dance - people honor it. WHO KNOWS.

The math exam..o man. A bit tricky. I didn't know how to do one question and some of the others I am a little uneasy about. Hopefully it is not a disaster. I am not too worried though. All my classes are easy except for Math.

Video games all afternoon with Ian up to dinner. Tonight I plan to watch '24' at 8 with Gina, then the normal gathering of friends to watch 'The Hills' and 'Dance Life' at 9.

February 18

Ok. Sometimes drinking can screw you up, for example ME today.

All day I didn't really get much done. I attempted to study for math and got a little done. After dinner me and Virginia went to the CS review session at 7. That class is basically a joke, we didn't need to go to that review. We know everything. O well the walk was sort of nice I guess.

After the review, I finished up a few little things and then got to bed early. I plan to sleep to 10am tomorrow, it is 11pm now. Hopefully I feel better than.

February 17

Tally Hall played at the Union tonight. I couldn't find anyone to go with me, but finally Ria said she'd go. We got there and had to sit through 2 really weird/semi-awful bands to get to Tally Hall. Haha, it brought back memories from Mississippi Nights in St. Louis when I saw OkGo. They were pretty good, def fun. At one point they did some acoustic songs and came into the audience and made a "campfire circle" and sung in the middle. The best part of the set was 'Two Luv', how can you not love a song about MaryKate and Ashley?

After that me and Ria met up with everyone at a house way the hell in Champaign, Locust Street I think? It was really fun and things at one point got a little crazy. I met some new kids and it was fun to party with a semi-different crowd that usual. I sort got a little ILL later that night. Back at Allen I might have made a fool of myself in Gina's room but o well. Fun times.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

February 16

Happy Birthday Caitlin!

Let see, I didn't have any classes today. Virginia woke me up around Noonish for lunch. Haha. After that I took a shower and started to do some homework and finished up things. The afternoon was somewhat productive I'd say. I started the CS study guide for the exam on Monday. The test shouldn't be bad at all, pretty easy.

We met in Stephanie's room at 5 with presents and bday hats. We surprised Caitlin with the gifts and then we all went out to dinner. The restaurant was a small cafe place in Urbana, Courier Cafe? We all had some type of hamburger. GOOD. Afterwards we got a few things at the grocery store nearby. Stephanie picked up some hair dye...BLONDE! UHOH.

Back at 808, we dyed Stephanie's hair and just hung out. Once it was done we left and went back to Allen. We had to stay for the final product. And it's doesn't look too shabby. Nice one.

Back in Allen we chilled in Caitlin's room. They were all going to the bars to celebrate the 19th birthday. I however, am not 19. So I didn't know what I was going to do. In the end we came up with a crazy idea for me to use Nico's ID. IT WORKED. haha. The bars are so ridiculous, the IDs don't even matter. It was fun to just chill at a table and talk. Caitlin got a little OC, but it's her bday so that is expected.

Afterwards we all went back to 808 to chill and hang. I was in bed by 4. Oops.

February 15

Class?! What's this?!

Yeah, back to classes today. 5 classes actually. But it was nice to get busy again. We learned Html in CS lab today, too bad it totally brought back memories of Myspace days. PWN. Math and Rhet were a snore and usual and in Advertising I was so glad I brought my computer along. That class is such a joke! Not tests, No homework. What's the point?

Oh well, Im done again with classes for the week. Haha. Class on Monday, no class Tuesday or Wednesday, class Thursday, no class Friday. THIS IS COLLEGE.

After dinner, Ria promised we could go sledding. SO WE DID. Oh man that hill is so far away. It was like -4 REGULAR temperature, not including the wind chill. Yea, we're crazy. We sadly didn't even make it to the hill. We had to turn back, so cold! We hit up PAR late night for some re-energizing then back to Allen. Ria, Paulina, Ian, and Matthew went.

When I got back I ran up to Caitlin's room to yell happy birthday because it was midnight, tomorrow is here bday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! After that I went and visited gina.

This weekend should be fun.

February 14

Happy Valentines Day!


Woke up early to finish up some Valentines, then took a shower and got dressed. Packed all the goodies in my backpack along with some flowers and distributed them around Allen before heading to lunch. I think Gina liked hers, definitely. I gave Caitlin and Karens to them last night at midnight. I slipped Virginia's onto her desk when she wasn't in the room, along with Stephanies. Paulina also got a surprise. Ria was sadly in the room!

After lunch, no clue what to do! Everything is finished up. Hung out in my room, visited friends. The Math exam I was supposed to have today got pushed back to next Monday, NICE. At dinner we all chatted and had fun.

Later I SO wanted to go sledding or just spend some time in the snow, cause I hadn't yet! I convinced Ria to go. We hit up Busey late night first, and then walked her friend Lindsay back to Bromley. I am so totally glad I didn't live there. On the way back we SHRED it up, haha. We "borrowed" some trays from the dinning hall and used them almost as skateboards. We would throw them and then jump on them and try to slide. And then if we found some massive snow pile made by the plows, we'd scream and run to the top of it and slide down. When we got back to allen we were totally exhausted, but I got online and Ian was like, DOOODE I WANNA GO I KNOW OF A TTLY SWEET SPOT. And of course I couldn't resist, so I went back out, Ria too. We hit up Kranert and there was a sweet spot. "I don't even care."

Awesome times.

February 13

Braved the elements
..Hit the store!
Valentines/Bday Presents
4 Wheel Drive, Owned everyone
Marie Antoinette.
BAR - No carding.

February 12

Monday back to Class
Lincoln's Bday!
easy day basically
The Hills, Dance Life
Klaxons Wallpaper

February 11

Usual Lunch
Little Hw
Clayton Leaves

February 10

Thrifting with Clayton, Karen, Caitlin
Downtown Champaign
Party downtown Champaign

Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 9

Lunch at noon
Laundry Time EW
Caitlin waits around
Errands to Dave S
Drop off paper by 5pm
Mexican night at ISR
Chill in my room
Draw weird stuff
Clayton gets here FINALLY.
Fun times
DP at Canopy -- NO.
Russian Rave.
808 chill time.

February 8

Finish editing Kate Bush paper
Thursday = Friday

February 7

Wednesday IDK

February 6

Mp 1 DUE.
Math quiz = SHIT.

February 5

Monday :[
StarCourse Meeting

February 4

Kate Bush Paper

February 3

Camera Obscura

February 2

Dance at 808

February 1

Thursday = Friday!

January 31