Saturday, February 17, 2007

February 16

Happy Birthday Caitlin!

Let see, I didn't have any classes today. Virginia woke me up around Noonish for lunch. Haha. After that I took a shower and started to do some homework and finished up things. The afternoon was somewhat productive I'd say. I started the CS study guide for the exam on Monday. The test shouldn't be bad at all, pretty easy.

We met in Stephanie's room at 5 with presents and bday hats. We surprised Caitlin with the gifts and then we all went out to dinner. The restaurant was a small cafe place in Urbana, Courier Cafe? We all had some type of hamburger. GOOD. Afterwards we got a few things at the grocery store nearby. Stephanie picked up some hair dye...BLONDE! UHOH.

Back at 808, we dyed Stephanie's hair and just hung out. Once it was done we left and went back to Allen. We had to stay for the final product. And it's doesn't look too shabby. Nice one.

Back in Allen we chilled in Caitlin's room. They were all going to the bars to celebrate the 19th birthday. I however, am not 19. So I didn't know what I was going to do. In the end we came up with a crazy idea for me to use Nico's ID. IT WORKED. haha. The bars are so ridiculous, the IDs don't even matter. It was fun to just chill at a table and talk. Caitlin got a little OC, but it's her bday so that is expected.

Afterwards we all went back to 808 to chill and hang. I was in bed by 4. Oops.

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