Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 30

Couple more edited shots from NY.

Evan edited the second.

And that's my lamp!

Today was Econ, Psych, Lunch with Steph, then headed to History discussion.
It's really nice to just have classes in Allen.

I moved things around in my room today, I think I like it. My desk is just spun around, so my back faces the window. It gives me kind of my own little space back here.

Dinner was alright, but I made it amazing by making a waffle :D

Oh, and then it was open door night. Met alot of new people and got to show off my room, and I picked up some ideas for future decors. After that was the PR party. Yeah, we fit 12 people in here. haha.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 29

Last one was edited tonight.

It's cold and rainy out and I kinda like it - sweatshirts and jeans.

History @ 9
Lunch over at LAR @ 11
NAP @ 1
Physics @ 2

Did some homework, then hung out 'till dinner. Dinner at Allen tonight was so good!! Chicken pot pies! YUM.

Starcourse interview @ 7.15 Hopefully that works out. It'll be sweet to be able to go to all the shows for free and get free posters, and all the group parties/after parties. Way cool.

Hung out at the library with Evan. Messed around on photoshop and illustrator. I have learned some things! I need photoshop.

Sleep early tonight?

Monday, August 28, 2006

August 28

Econ @ 9am
Psych @ 10am
Photog @ 2-6

JEEEEZZZE. Photog is so long, and after 3 hours of using a pinhole beomes majorly boring.

Im updating right now from the library. Im on a slick iMac and using photoshop :D

Later Im headed to the underwater hockey game with Steph, and then I need to read some more for history.

Peace out

Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 27

Erin left this morning at 9am. Ryan and I woke up later than that, like 10.30?

We had brunch with Michelle, then we took Ryan for a tour of the quad and green street. It's soooo hot out.

Finally got a chance to introduce Ryan and Michelle to friends up on the 4th floor. Pauly where were you?!

The rest of the day has been spent doing homework..which still isn't done. Then dinner, and maybe movies?

August 26

Erin and Ryan came to visit! We crammed 4 people into my dorm room, and forgot to tell my roommate..oops!

Picked Erin up and we got some lunch, then ran some erands. We missed dinner by 8 min and were told to leave by some idiot.

Oh well, we had fun attempting to make Ramon noodles in the room, then ryan came! Michelle came over.

We all headed to Evans house, everyone had fun hanging out. Michelle and Ryan headed back to PAR for a while. Me, Erin, Ally, and Evan headed to Sarah's party. How d'you spell Luao? haha. It was fun none the less.

Then we got a call and headed to a dance party in urbana. It was so crazy cool. I had an awesome time. Ah, I wished Kelsey was there to see it. At one point, Le Tigre came on...and all the indie kids freaked out and I just laughed and went crazy too.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Sleeppppp

Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 25

Psych @ 10 in Allen, then headed to discussion for Econ @ 12 over on the south quad.

Came back for lunch, we all decided then to play some frisbee!!

Cleaned up, did laudry!!, skipped dinner.

Played more frisbee with Evan, then we went back to his house. We had a mother f*ckin' KICKASS dance party. WAY cool.

I want a strobe light so bad.

Tomorrow..Im sleeping in and going to the store to return stuff, buy stuff. I need a calendar.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

August 24

Western Civ @ 9am - Awesome prof. Class will probably be hard, but interesting I think..?
Anthro @ 10am - Yeah, I already dropped it.
Physics @ 2pm - Sweet lecture hall. Seems easy

The rest of the day I returned my history book and exchanged it for a new one, bought some needed school supplys from Follets and had lots of good food actually. I think the food is getting better because I know what's good, what isn't.

Walked to ISR with Evan for late night, picked up 2 donuts and another chocolate milk for the morning.

Tomorrow I don't have class 'till 10am then just a discussion at noon. Then it's the weekend!

August 23

Classes started today. Econ and Psych, then 4 hours of Photog?! The Econ and Psych don't seem like they'll be to bad, the Photog is's just weird being in class that long. Ah well, at least there is only 8 other people in my class. My Psych teacher also said we won't have to write papers..Woot!

After photog I chilled and had dinner. Then learned we had to go to this "Alcohol Prevention" meeting over on the quad, seemed like our whole dorm was there. It was a complete waste of time. Then we had to split into small groups and talk about what we just saw...are we in 8th grade? haha, seriously.

Hit up late night again over at ISR this time. Picked up a pizza then chilled across the hall in Danny's room at watched Se7en. Freakky.

Tomorrow is history then Anthro. Anthro is the class I'll probably drop, but who knows..maybe I'll walk in tomorrow and fall in love with it...But I dounbt it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

August 22

Lame picture day. The day is done. Im 18. Woooo

Accidentally slept 'till 12 today, oh well I needed it and I didn't miss anything. Grabbed lunch then hit up QuadDay. Signed up for a few random clubs.

Came back and hung out and helped set up for the party downstairs. It was pretty fun, only about 15 people showed up but we all went crazy and had a good time.

Tomorrow is class at 9, gotta wake up at 8. OH i need to set the alarm.

Just did late night food thing over at PAR, got some pizza. Yum


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 21

Im 18!!

Freshman convocation today. Speeches and new friends. Oh, and a sweet physics demonstration by this physics prof that wears bowties. Oh, and free tshirts. We then walked to the stadium for free food and lots more people talking. The marching Illini came, and lots of other sports teams and clubs.

Walked back to Allen..pretty far lol.

Time for Dinner. Hung with Ross and guys from across the hall. Dinner was actually good. Friend chicken, mashed potatoes..soup :]

Hung out at my room. Then Virginia and Pauly and I headed to Evans. Checked out the house, picked up his friend at LAR, then made our way to green street area for this smoothie/bubble tea place. It was actually good. I broke my 50 :[

Headed to Sarah's apartment, then walked back to the quad. Decided to celebrate back at Allen with oreo cake.

Ice cream cake
<3 Coolest bday moment ever.

So, Im not a kid anymore? Weeeiiiirrd.

Monday, August 21, 2006

August 20

Got to sleep in. Had lunch over at the other dorm, good waffles!

Hung out back at the dorm, then went shopping with friends. Picked up some things I needed, and got to just hang with everyone. Target, Meijers.

After that I was starving so hit up dinner with Kristin and roomate. After that got showered and did the blocparty.

Ran to the store with Evan and his friend, got to see his house..way cool. We stopped back at the blocparty for free pizza and then I invited people to come down. We all headed into town and ended up at this crazy house party. None of us really drank anything but it was fun to hang out there. Music..meeting people. I guess this is what you do in college.

Yeah..tomorrow is the "convocation" at 11.30, but I have to be up and ready at 10.30. I should sleep. g'night

Sunday, August 20, 2006

August 19

My room!

Today was good.

Slept in, had late breakfast and met new friends, took a tour of rooms, walked to the Quad and back.

Hung out with kids across the hall, Dinner with new/cool kids, wasted time 'till the All Nighter at the Union.

Called up Virginia and her friends, they came down. Walked over with Kristin and kids from across the hall.

All Nighter was sorta lame, but interesting to see all the people. All the lines to do any activities were way too long. I heard the hypnotist was sweet tho.

Couldn't figure out what to do, so just hung out back at Allen waiting for something to do. We were gonna chill in my room, but my roommate was asleep...yeah. So we went up to Kristins. People stopped by and chatted, Met more people. Some party kids came in and it was funny, haha. I just layed on Kristin's bed and chatted 'till almost 3.45am. Everyone was out, and dead tired.

Soo...I'll be sleeping in 'till way late probably, then doing Idk what. Later

Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 18

Hellogoodbye = Music now.

2nd day at school. I woke up a bit confused at how the day would go, or what I'd need to do..but it ended up being very cool.

Had my first "dorm shower" this morning after a so-so breakfast. It was definitely different, but there wasn't anyone else in there and the water was hot. It's definitely not like at home and I don't feel like I can spend 20 min in there just standing. It's a more "get in, get out" type of thing.

After I got cleaned out I just sorta hung out. I accidenty missed a meeting thing, but I caught the second one. Lunch time! The steak wraps were kinda nasty, but I really liked the soup. Said goodbye to people we hung out at lunch with and decided to take the tour of the recreation center right next door to the dorm. It's freakin' nice inside there.

Then it was carnival time. The coolest part was the massive painting that everyone could add something to. I put that tree trunk in there on the bottom. Chilled after that and played video games with kids on the floor. I tore those kids down with picachu!

The massive dance party was at 7 and it was so awesome. There was a sweet DJ and massive speakers, it was dark and there was bubble machines and smoke machines. It was crazyy. Everyone basically broke it down and had raves on the floor. I met alot of cool people while dancing, I just keep forgeting their names! GOD I can't remember anyones.

Then...OH, game night. I was tired for that. Rested up in my room until Pool party at 11-1. It was definitely fun..was at the new rec center right next to us. We all played volleyball and went down the slide, at the end the hot tub felt so good.

Now it's almost 2 and I'm sleeping in tomorrow. g'night

Friday, August 18, 2006

August 17

Today was too cool.

Got up, traveled to Champaign, had lunch, then arrived at the dorm. It was so crazy. People were everwhere. My roomate didn't show up 'till later, who's name btw is Ryan and he actually very cool. We've been hanging out all day. I've also met alot of other cool kids on my floor. Anyway. We unloaded everything and got it all to the room. Then started the hours of organizing and cleaning and rearraging. My roomate didn't come 'till like 2-3ish, and I got there at 12.

After everything was settled in with both of stuff we hung out for a bit then headed up staris to dinner. We had crazy intro orientation things, like people dressed as robots doing the electric slide?! Uhm yeah the we had pizza, it was an awesome time. I met alot of people. Then we hung out and met our RAs, then did the..OH there was a band - good solid cover band, it was fun. Left there then did more chilling in the room. We left our door open and all these people came by and said hello and we met alot more people, way cool.

Later there was this drum thing and we made bets by hitting on trash cans and shit, then stormed through the dorm. Even later we all played capture the flag on the empty quad, and my team won..YAh!

Tomorrow...idk. Im tired tho. I gotta pick up books and I guess do more orientation activites. G'night.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 16

I woke up today realizing I have one more full day at home. I fixed my new phone, and got cleaned up. Ryan came and we went out to lunch with all the band kids at 12. They just got out of band camp. Godfather's buffets are yummy, and I really like those cinnamon pizzas. Too good.

After that I took Dan and his friend home, then went to see Clayton. I chilled while he got cleaned up and we headed over to say goodbye to Drew. Lol Oh Drew. We're both gonna miss the fun times with him. Clayton came back to my house and I helped him get his music on his Macbook after only...a frew problems lol.

After he left I went through all my packed stuff once more with my mom. Headed to dinner with gparents at Fridays. The Jack Daniel's sampler is the best!

To Mallorys for project runway and goodbyes. I'll miss Mallory and Clayton!! See you at Sufjan! And, I'll see Kristin tomorrow haha.

Me and Kelsey hung out then. Climed Ball and just talked alot. Too pretty up there, the stars were awesome. We said our goodbyes and it was sad. Too sad. I'll miss that girl.

G'night, tomorrow..I'll be at college!! WAHH!?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August 15

Last day downtown and it was celebrated by a visit from Allison and Kelsey for lunch! HeadWest subs are yummy.

Dad and I met my Mom and Sister at the Butler Cemetary for Ryan/Dan's grandpa funeral. I was pretty impressed with the service. I knew it'd be alot cooler to see the actual military burial than the church cermony. They did the whole taps thing, and the 5 gun salute. What always gets me at funerals, especially men's funerals, is when you see the old widow. She's so alone! And crying and frail. And all she wants is her man back, so she can cook for him and hug him. How can you not feel sad when the fold up the flag and hand it to the wife...JEeeeeze.

At home I checked out my new phone! I finally have real cell phone!

The rest of the nigh was spent in turmoil. My parents are seriously freaking out, I leave in 1 day now and they just can't comprehend it.

About 10, Kelsey was like, Hey come hangout. So I did and helped her with the new Macbook. Everyone's getting Macs now and it's way cool.

It's already Wed which means there's 1 more day left. Gah, this is so surreal. Im going to miss some people soso much.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August 14

I was super tired this morning. Went home at 11 to lifeguard at 12. Got there and fixed dates with Barb and basically just sat around for 2 hours. I was finally like, There's no one here! Damnit I wanted to go home so bad. So it was my last day lifeguarding, I said my goodbyes to Barb and locked up for the last time. It felt good..and a bit weird I guess. Came home.

All afternoon I just chilled. I attempted to spray paint designs on cardboard like I saw this kid to on the internet, but that didn't quite work out well lol. It was fun tho. Cleaned that up, then I decided I better start packing things and getting shit together because I leave in like 2 days now. Wow.

After dinner my Mom offered to go to the stores with me to return stuff, just me and her. That was probably one of he last times we'll shop together like that for a while. Got the hellogoodbye DVD and a sweet MotionCity shirt. Found Kelsey and Allison at the Mall and invited them back to my house. Dan came over later. We exchanged our gifts, my jacket is kickass. All night we basically just hung out, I liked it.

Tomorrow meet Kelsey and Allison, maybe Dan for lunch. It's also my last day downtown.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 13

Woke up and had a quick breakfast before Tyler and his friend Carly came to jet skii about 11. We had mucho fun. She had never been on a jet ski before. We drove around for almost 2 hours then stopped back at my house for snacks and waited for Ryan on the boat. Ryan never showed with the boat, so we went looking for him only to find that the boat wasn't working. So we improvised, and since all the people Ryan invited didn't wish to come, we just tubed behind the jet ski.

Awesome times. They left about 3. Ryan hung out and had food with me and my family 'till about 5. When he left I had a shower and go to surf the internet for the first time in 2 days, it has been broken!

Ryan was like, I need company to go see Jake's band downtown. So I did, only to find Blacksheep in total chaos and his friend's band wasn't even gonna play till 10 and it was 7. So we left, haha. We were like, well we're already down at this part of town why don't we go to the fair? Kristin and Clayton we're supposed to come later.

The fair was..alright. I guess I'm not just a fair person. I mean, it's large and busting with people and the foods good, but I just can't get into the "fair spirit" I guess. The elephant ear I had was good tho. Yummy.

Kristin and Clayton weren't getting there and I guess Ryan needed to get home because he had to work way early tomorrow, so we left.

I really like this Weezer song Ryan plays in the car, track #3 on Make Believe. I think I'll get it. g'night

August 12

(Yeah, sorry. Our internet is down)

Today I woke up worrying I had to work at 12, but I didn't. I talked to Kelsey and she reminded me I work at 4, not 12. Phew lol.

So Ryan just came over about 12 and was like, Ok we're have Taco Bell then playing tennis. I was like, ok cool. Haha. So got changed, went to his house for a sec, then met Kristin at TBell. It was yummmyyy. Tennis was fun too. We've only played like 2 this whole summer, last year we probably did it like every week just cause that's where we'd hang out. After tennis we went back to Kristins and she made us smoothies :]

Worked 4-7, got off early at 7. There was like no one there the entire time. Changed at Edgewood and then headed to Allison's Party, it was cool. Got to say goodbye to everyone and have pizza and play hide-n-go seek lol. Hey! College kids can do that.

After Allisons I headed to Carolyn's party, they had already finished swimming and we're just sitting around the fire talking when I arrived. We listened to music and had some of the pizza I brought from allisons. Left at 12.

Wow only 5 more days. Im gonna miss alot of people.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

August 11

Kristin took this and I thought it was sweet:

Stayed downtown most of the day, it was actually really cool tho. Everyone was gone and we got to listen to music and watch videos. Sweetest job everrrrr.

Chilled and home, got things together, fixed my playlist, checked the speakers, loaded everything up and headed to Auburn around 6. Kelsey was already there, we set up all the food and decors. People starting showing up about 7.10. After about 18 people were there, we got in the pool around almost 8 I would say. Swam for a good hour or was freakin' COLD. Especially when you got out - fun times tho. Back downstairs we changed, and everyone was just waiting to rock out. The music seemed to go very well, everyone told me they had an awesome time. The music WAS kickass lol, I won't lie. Everyone just went crazy and had a good time.

Later me and Kelsey opened presents, then said our goodbyes and cleaned up the room. Didn't get home 'till 1. It's 2am now and Im freaking DEAD. But so excited for college cause I'm so going to some mad dance parties like..all the time. Haha

Friday, August 11, 2006

August 10

1 week!

Downtown this morning, then lifeguarding got rained out! woot.

I sorta just chilled at home 'till dinner. It felt awesome. Im starting to think of what to bring, what not to bring. I also started working on my scrapbook thingy, got almost 10 pages down. Scrapbooking is the shit. haha

After dinner I thought I'd end up just staying home, but Kelsey called :]
We looked through the yearbook then roamed through Barnes and Noble. On the way home we took some pics behind Target, then got the idea to sneak into where that massive blue water tank is..we only had to climb 2 fences lol. There weren't any cameras or anything, but those lights that shine on the tank are SUPER bright - like you'll go blind if you look in them. We cast our shadows on that massive thing and found the ladder to go to the top, but it was locked. Damnit.

Tomorrow is Friday! And no Lifeguarding! And the party!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 9

Downtown, then lifeguard. Got off early, well 7.40.

Kelsey came over to watch Project Runway and plan things for our party. We ended up not panning much, but had a good time. Dan came later and we had dance parties in the outside room and took like 200 pictures. It was a blast. These are the nights I'll miss.