Monday, October 30, 2006

October 30

Ok. So I really didn't have time to take pics today, so enjoy yet another merry-go-round photo.

A new monday, a new week.

After photo class 'till 6, had a quick dinner with Ally then caught up on some reading for history.

Hung out with steph later and then watched Lost In Translation with her and dave.

Fav movie.

October 29

Woke up to a yummy brunch in the dorm with pancakes and sausages.

Chilled and got cleaned up, said goodbye to Clayton. He headed back to spfld for the night.

Did lots of homework and catching up all afternoon up 'till Dinner.

Had to shoot, develop, and contact print another 120 roll too.

Going to bed at a decent hour, but im still mucho tired from this whole weekend.

It was a blast tho.

October 28

Saturday was chill. Me, Steph and Clayton took one of the coolest little adventures into Urbana.

Found this beautiful park. The wind was blowing, but it wasn't too cold, and all the trees were bright orange and red. The leaves covered the ground and the sky was bright blue. A perfect day.

We explored the Urbana high school. Cool place, I love the architecture. Classic "old style" high school, compared to what I went to. ew

On our walk back we found this baby squirrel that had fallen out of a tree. It was just laying there, crying and helpless. We were like, oh shit we need to do something. So we decided to call animal control or the police or something. They basically told us, "Squirrels die everday. It's a part of nature, move on." Whahhhaaat? So all we could do was build a pile of leaves for it to rest in and keep it warm. rip little bud

Panera in Champaign with everyone. So yummy.

Another halloween party in downtown champaign later. Roof access, lights, dj, raves 'till 3am. Hahah awesome times.

October 27

Clayton came up to visit. We got all moved in and then headed to ISR for some mexican night action...always yummy.

Afterwards we needed to run to the store to pick up some last minute costume things, then rush back to allen and get ready.

Once all decked out, we chilled at Daves until the party around 10.

Twitch of the death nerve. haha, what an awesome time. So out of control.

"Buck wild!"

Friday, October 27, 2006

October 26

Tomorrow's friday...yay

Lots to do this weekend in terms of having fun and also some work. Massive amount of econ homework due sunday night. ewww

After physics today me and kristin went shoppin for halloween things. I got my costumee! Kristin got things to make one knows what it is yet, she won't tell.

Later hung out, did a bit of work, then watched donniedarko with nico and steph.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

October 25

I went on a massive adventure today to find a halloween costume...and I still have nothing. This is bad lol

Tomorrow after physics I'm going back out with Kristin to look again. I NEED something.

The rest of the day was so chill, I loved it. Nothing to do basically.

Tomorrow just 2 classes, then a meeting with my advisor @ 11. Hopefully I'll get some planning and questions out of the way concerning majors and classes for next semester. Almost fridayyy!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October 24

Done with exams for long long time now. Whew. Im still nervous about my Econ grade tho...hopefully find that out soon.

J.Farr things @ 10.30

Studied all afternoon, went to the 12.30 review lecture for physics, dinner (so good...chicken pot pie!!), took the exam @ 7.

Rest of the night was spent chillin' and reading/writing stuff for history tomorrow.

Try to get to bed on time tonight. I think it might happen. G'night

Monday, October 23, 2006

October 23

It's most definitely fall, and winter is right around the corner.

Getting organzied for spring 07 classes. Figuring out what I need to take..what I want to take..what I don't want to take. hah

I was a bit late for my econ lecture this morning, but meh. I only missed 5-10 min.

Psych later and we played memory games. After lunch in photog we got alot of our printing done with 120 film. Pretty snazzy.

Tonight did a lot of studying for physics and then yes, gave sean a haircut. But i think it looks good..haha.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 22

Woke up today to a big breakfast with family and evan. Pancakes and eggs, sausage..yummy.

Got things together and packed a bit after noon, said goodbyes, then drove back to Champaign.

Evan took a nap again..haha.

Back at allen, returned speakers to virginia and ian, put sheets back together, finished some homework. Just chilled.

Dinner at 5, then I remembered I needed a roll of film shot and developed for photog tomorrow..oops. So I went and did that.

Haha, later headed to late night with budz.

New week starts tomorrow, physics test tuesday, halloween parties on friday. woot

October 21

Left Champaign with Evan early afternoon. Got home by 3 or something, we just chilled with my Mom and hung out.

Erin and Becca got to my house about 4.45-5 and we packed into my car and headed to St. Louis.

Fun drive there, bit of traffic once we reached the city, but it's all good - got to the show on time.

Hellogoodbye was amazing. So much fun. All 3, yes 3, opening bands were horrible. Ugh, but the wait was worth it. Hgb rocked the house, so fun. Silly string and dancing, crowd surfing, massive amounts of kids. At one point the crowd literally fell into itself and Erin was at the bottom and almost died...hahah.

Tired afterward, but drive back with soft jazz and talks was nice.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

October 20

Friday dance party. We had a bit of trouble getting it going, but it did go.

The plug got pulled but it was cool. People were tired.

Met up with Erin and Becca and we found a scetchy party in Urbana, soon left, then just chilled at Dave's house.

Fun times.

Friday, October 20, 2006

October 19

Look what me and Virginia made for Ria. Hahahaha. I love it.

A good thursday. I had to walk to the north side of campus 3 times today.
-Physics Discussion
-Physics Lecture
-C.A.R.E Rape Awarness meeting or something

Ugh, the rape meeting was so lame. I hated it, what a waste of time.

Tonight just chilled after dinner and did laundry, hadn't done that in 2 weeks. Woah..yeah.

Dance tomorrow?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

October 18

Econ midterm tonight. I studied all afternoon and it was still super hard. I had a little trouble finding the location of the exam, but Virginia is amazing and helped me out. We had a moment, for sure.

Project Runway finale...Jeffrey?!

Physics hw...then the rest of the night was spent chillin' and messing with photoshop.

Yeah, I have photoshop now. Watch out!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

October 17

History class followed by history reading and writing history paper.

Tried to finish up everything else by dinner so I could just have time to study for Econ all night.

Took a break later and headed to latenight with Ian and steph...cinnamon rolls are yummy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October 16

Econ this morning followed by Psych. I have the Econ midterm coming up on Wednesday..oh shit.

Chumbscrubber @ Evans later followed by Food of Love party. We all got dressed up and danced to swing music, quite enjoyable :]

Sunday, October 15, 2006

October 15

Lazy sunday.

& Studies
& Video Games

October 14

After lunch and a shower, me, Ria, Nico and Paulina hit up the Salvation Army. They got alot of awesome stuff, I walked out with a shirt that says "White Lightnin'" on it with a massive green tractor. Oh, and some sweet kachis.

Met up with everyone for dinner, then just chilled afterward. Walked to Evans and rented Tale of Two sisters, because they had never heard of it and didn't believe how messed up and scary it is. Yeah, we screamed lol.

Party afterward down the street. We weren't feelin' it, back to Daves house to chill.


Friday, October 13, 2006

October 13

Boring in the afernoon after classes, met up with Lee and friends for Dinner.

Then we chilled and had a small dance party in Viginia's room, oops.

Some 90's movie, then an Urbana party.


October 12

History lecture then Physics DR..blah blah blah

Took a nap in the afternoon.

Wow. Tonight was crazy.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 11

Econ this morning, got out early for quiz.
Psych next, got out early cause the prof was too distraught to teach because..this is true, her brid died over the night.
An, and in history at noon, we got out early because he discovered no one did the reading.

For the rest of the day I lounged, watched CNN about the plane crashy thingy, did dinner, played video games, did some reading.

After dinner, me and ally walked to Evan and Bills. We went to see Meg&Dia in Dewey, IL? Yeah, we def got lost. We called up virginia and she helped us out alot. It turns out we were basically right by the venue, but didn't know, but the path she lead us on took us right to the band's car/trailer..they were lost too. So we got to meet the band...Bill freaked out haha.

The show was awesome, got the Cd from Bill, importing it now. Yayyy..then when got back to the house we hung out for a bit. Bill drove us home. Awesome night!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October 10

History exam this morning, went well I think. About halfway through I realized I only had 50 min for the whole test. I freaked, but then somehow got everything accomplished and written as well as I thought it should be. Hm, we'll see how that goes.

For the rest of the day until physics I took it easssyy. No hw for me today. Lunch at field of greens tasted great, physics lecture early with Kristin just so we could get it over with, back to allen.

From that time until dinner, I messed around and actually brought out the video games and played 'em for a while. Resident Evil 4...awesome game. For dinner, ground south and the first floor had dinner at Evo, the asian restaurant near green street. Good bubble tea, and good sesame chicken :]

Now it's 11 and Im going to bed. Yeah, I consider this early. G'night.

October 9

Econ lecture, then came back and studied until lunch for Psych. Took a break, then went back to studying until Dinner.

After dinner I got a bit more review in before the Exam @ 7. When I got back at 8.30 it was straight into History. I hadn't studied yet for history, and it's tomorrow at 9am! Ahhhh. But it's shouldn't be as bad as Psych.

Psych exam went well I think. The one's I didn't 100% know I skipped, and when I went back there was about 10 of those, out of 80? So as I went back over them I figured some out, had to guess on some, and you could actually as the prof. questions...which I always do because they seem to coach you through the question and you can tell what the right answer is :]

Tomorrow, wake up early, shower, food, study...another exam!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

October 8

Woke up and helped Kelsey, Allison and Dan set off back to springfield around 10. Then I just fell back into bed and slept 'till Noon. I was so exhausted.

After lunch it was all studies 'till dinner. Followed by more studies.

Midterms suck.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

October 7

Woke up in my own bed. Had breakfast with the family, took a shower, got cleaned up and went on an awesome walk. It was perfect out. Took the camera got lots of sweet shots. I love the globe!!

Hamburgers for lunch with the grandparents, then psych studying 'till Kelsey and Allison showed up to head back to Champaign with me. Dan evenutally was able to go, he called and we had already left but it was worth going back to get him.

Unloaded once we got to Allen, gathered up the people and headed to Evans. Chilled a bit before people arrived and got in a dancing mood. Seriously blasted music and dancing until 2am. So fun, ah I love it.

So tired. G'night

October 6

Classes in the am, along with an Econ quiz at noon...which I think I did pretty good on. Er, hopefully.

Got the car, filled it up, helped michelle get her stuff in there, and we were off. Headed back to spfld! haha

Got here around 2.30. Just chilled until the football game at 7. Dropped christin off at the game and me, mom, and dad went to have some nachos at the Alamo in Chatham. Yumm

Hung out at the game until it was over, got to see everyone...all the band kidss! I missed all my drummer buds

Then headed to marias for a bonfire/Birthday party for Ryan. it was nice to just chill with everyone.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

October 5

History lecture this morning, barely anyone showed up because it's the last one before the midterm. So right off she was like.."Looks like only 1/3 of you guys showed up, and since you did here's some questions that are on the exam." Hellz right! haha!

Besides my boring physics DR and then lunch at 11.15...nothing exciting happened 'till later when I took Ria to the mall. She didn't find what she was looking for, but she bought me starbucks! :]

Then dinner with everyone..homework..studying..hang time at evans..more studying for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow I go home. I'm excited?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October 4

Another pointless Econ lecture this morning, follow by an hour of torturing fish in Psych.

Did a bit of work before History lecture at a few words in today. Some people just talk their freakin' heads off.

Lunch @ 1. Then work work work 'till dinner @ 5. Waffe, mashed potatoes, chocolate milk, and some cookies!

Later when it was old and dark I took my first buddled up walk to the quad to pick up my history paper. The average was a C....and i got a B!! YAH!!!

Studied more, then project runway, late nite. Sleep

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October 3

It's so freakin' hot here again, and the humidity is back...along with the bugs.

History lecture this morning. Even tho it is like, my most demanding class, I really enjoy it. The Prof is so smart. You learn so much from her just listening and not worrying about jotting down millions of notes during class.

Walked with Steph to mail a package after lunch. Then took some photos.

After physics I stopped my the Apple Store to see if they could fix my sticky 'j' key. But neither of the guys working there knew wtf was going on. I got to see the new ipod nanos tho...freakin' slick.

Did some homework before Dinner. After dinner went to the store with Steph, then to Evans, then BACK to the store and downtown for some photos, back to evans for a movie. It's all good tho, fun times. Thank You For Smoking...awesome movie. I loved the presentation, all the highlights were blown out and the saturation lowered. Lovesss it.

I took the same path, there and back, twice today. Hmmm

Monday, October 02, 2006

October 2

Beginning of a new week, another Monday.

For some reason I didnt' have econ lecture this morning, so I got to sleep in 'till 9.15!!

After psych I had lunch with steph. She talked about her trips to chicago tonight to see bands. She's going to have fun, hopefully they all make it back safe.

Before photog @ 2, I went over to the pond and sat for an hour and got basically caught up on ALL my history readings. Now I just need to worry about learning terms, chronolgy, and some important sources for the midterm next week.

Dinner with Ally after 4 long hour of photog, but it did include some short breaks...*shhhhh*

Haha. Did homework and laundry/vacuming for the rest of the night. Then chilled.

Gots more work to finish up tomorrow and classes, maybe a trip to the store to get the CD anyone wanna come?


Update with lots of pics soon.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1

Wow, October already?

Got to hang with Clayton this afternoon, which was cool. Didn't get a chance to see him since he got here on Friday. We hung out in my room, then I introduced him to some of my friends, then we went and sat by the pond and later exchanged some musics. Reminds me of home..haha

Said my goodbyes, then got all my econ homework done. Hopefully I did good, it was easy I thought?

After a good dinner at Allen, went over to Evan and Bill's to see 'Science of Sleep' with Steph, Alli and Bill's friends. Brilliant movie, just awesome. I need to see it again. It's more playful than Eternal Sunshine, but they speak so much french! And I enjoyed it so much! I could actually understand like 1/2 of it, felt too cool.

-marking the days off calendars
-food drying up/hard
-new friendships crumble
-parts taken away
-unbalance of people
-no mistakes by me
-where's home?

Don't worry - just some random thoughts by me. Shit

September 30


Slept in 'till about noon. Felt good. My roommate is still gone, and I dunno where he is. I've called him and honestly don't know where he's at. Ah well.

Besides that, the rest of today was spent chilling and getting some work done, i.e. reading.

Dinner with Pauly and Ria later.

Late nite over at ISR, then back to my room to hang out and watch SNL with the killers. Good stuff

Even later we headed to a house party over on Iowa, been to a party there before. Awesome time, great music.

I got some work to do tomorrow.