Saturday, October 07, 2006

October 7

Woke up in my own bed. Had breakfast with the family, took a shower, got cleaned up and went on an awesome walk. It was perfect out. Took the camera got lots of sweet shots. I love the globe!!

Hamburgers for lunch with the grandparents, then psych studying 'till Kelsey and Allison showed up to head back to Champaign with me. Dan evenutally was able to go, he called and we had already left but it was worth going back to get him.

Unloaded once we got to Allen, gathered up the people and headed to Evans. Chilled a bit before people arrived and got in a dancing mood. Seriously blasted music and dancing until 2am. So fun, ah I love it.

So tired. G'night

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noxious said...

haha.. I really like no. 1! Cute.