Saturday, September 30, 2006

September 29


For some reason, I was totally engaged with my econ class this afternoon. Don't ask me why, I just was in a MODE, and totally understood everything. It felt pretty awesome. haha.

In the afternoon, went to the mall with friends. Got some pants, yaaa!

Hahah, dinner was over at ISR for mexican night. Then everyone basically just chilled and did the usual friday night activities. We headed to the hot tub later, and did some swimming and lounging, was def a fun time. After everyone got cleaned up, we all headed out and stopped by Evan and Bills, 'cept Evan was gone. Bill and his friends were just watching some movies. I want to attend a quiet movie night sometime, def.

After visiting we headed to an apartment up past Green and Springfield. We BROUGHT THE PARTY! No one was dancing or anything before we got there, but by the time we left...the party was going for sure.

Stopped back at Bills on the way back, then went to this fucking Rave across from LAR, gina invited us. Only there for a bit. Then just chilled at Allen, put a movie on and left my door open. Thank god for friendly allen :]

Friday, September 29, 2006

September 28

Class this morning, followed by a lunch with chicken quesedillas (sp?!) and friends.

Hung out, then later went to visit Evan and Bill, but only found Bill watching a movie. We watched it with him, good movie actually. I liked it. We decided to go eat in Allen with Tommy, but on the way there we crossed paths with Evan and he wanted some food too. He wanted to go out tho, so he went to Champaign with Steph, me and tommy ate in allen and stole foods/utencils. haha

The rest of the night was spent hanging out, downloaded the leaked killer's album, reading, and talking.

I just realized I didn't call my parents tonight, nor they call me. Hm.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

September 27

Today was a good day, scratch that, an awesome day. I dunno what makes each day different or better than the next, but this one just worked for me. The sun was out and warm this morning while I walked back to Allen after early classes, lunch was good with friend over at field of greens. I got alot of my reading done, still lots more to go tho.

Went downtown thrifting with friends, got the most kickass sunglasses. I'll show ya soon.

Dinner in Allen with tasty chicken and pie. After dinner got even more reading done, then hung out and watched PR w/ cookies and snacks. Then just chilled all night, roaming around Allen.

I think everyone's already ready for the weekend, I know I am.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

September 26

Econ this morning, then just chilled in the room. Watched a bit of tv and got some homework/reading done.


Physics @ 2, then did the homework. Had an awesome dinner, chicken-pot pie. YUM.

Wrote 1/2 my history and read alot of history, headed to Late Nite, finished the second half of my paper.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

September 25

Woke up early this morning and headed to Champaign. Got here just in time for classes at 9 and 10. Then I took a long nap, I needed it. After lunch I tried to do some homework but couldn't, so I took a long shower and got ready for 4 hours of photog. The teacher basically told us just to go out and shoot for the whole class, so I did that.....and took many breaks. haha

Around dinner time I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't go. I had some fruit-loops and watched TV.

Later me and Steph met Evan for coffee at this little cafe on the corner. It was nice, I should go there and study sometime.

I'm heading to bed early tonigt - reading in bed.

September 24

Woke up and had breakfast with my grandparents, it was nice to see them. And some homemade pancakes are always tasty :]

Then this nurse lady came to take my blood and stuff. I guess it was for some insurance thing my Dad set up for me.

Left after noon and headed to St. Louis. Met up with Cindy at Vintage Vinyl. We chilled on the Loop and got food.


Oh, it was so cool to see everyone and chill at the pageant. We hit up all the vintage shops and waited in line like old time shows in St. Louis. Everyone there was cool and nice, I mean, only so many people know about Sufjan. My Brightest Diamond opened. Her set was awesomely cool. I loved her sound, I need to check out some of her songs. Then Sufjan came out along with his orchestra and everyone freaked out. The highlight of the night was when he played 'Chicago' and then encore.

After the show there was a hot dog vendor outisde the pageant, yummy. Food is always tasty after a show. We decided not to wait for Sufjan, and just headed home. Said goodbye and I started my long, quiet treck home. The drive home was actually very nice. Passed the city at night, barely no one was on the road and all the lights pulsed so brightly. I set the cruise to 75 and talked to Clayton all the way home. Haha, it was well needed.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

September 23

Woke up this morning to Dan! Dan came to visit us (me and Kelsey). Then, Ryan showed up and we all went to lunch together w/ Stephanie too. Awesome times.

After lunch, Me Dan and Kelsey drove back to Springfield. The drive isn't too long, and it goes quickly with friends and music.

Taking road trips with your family seems so much longer than driving long distances with your friends.

When I got home I gave my family hugs and we just talked for a while. My Mom made me a PBJ..and it was soo good. haha. Later we went out to dinner to celebrate my Mom's bday with the neighbors. Went to this Thai was pretty good, cool atmosphere.

My neighbor gave me the most kickass old tv everr. She just like randomly gave it to me. She said she was at a garage sale and it was only a couple bucks, and I guess she thought I could use it. haha.

Well it's before midnight, but I think I'm off to bed. I to catch up on sleep and get some rest for tomorrow - lots of driving and sufjan. g'night

September 22

Fridays are the best everrrr.

Just a few classes in the morning, then I did some photo stuff in the afternoon. I got all my photo prints done, all ready to hand in monday.

Kelsey came on the train! Train stations are crazy. I've like never been to one before haha. I didn't know so many people actually road the train. Anyway, met her as she got off the train. Took her back to Allen. Got her settled in, she met all my friends, then we showed her around the campus as we waited for Evan and Bill to get out of a show.

We hung out on the quad, then went to late nite over at ISR. After we got some treats, then followed Katherine to a party up north of green street. It was alright, but we were only there for a bit. Once we got a call from Bill, we headed to his house.

DANCE PARTY NIGHT. Oh it was awesome.

No one knows how to throw a dance party like we do.

Friday, September 22, 2006

September 21

Woke up early this morning for history, then spent my morning doing laundry and watching the coolest movie everr. PERSRIPTION MURDER! It's from like the 60's. Damn it was so awesome. It's about this dude that kills his wife, and covers it up so perfectly. And there's this detective, that just Knows something isn't too perfect. And he keep investigating the husband. And the whole time you're just wanting him to stop so husband can WIN and run off.

But....well, you'll have to see the movie now won't cha!

Hhaha, well lunch this afternoon in Field of Greens after the little retro movie/laundry explosion of the morning.

Found out my Physics grade. I'll take it. Got an A in the class! Then walked to physics lecture @ 2 with Kristin. Wasn't very eventful.

Until dinner I found some sweet songs, did a bit of reading/hw/taking notes and hung out.

After dinner went with Evan and Aly over to the Union to see some bands. It was fun. Good times. Hahah

TOMORROW. Will be awesome.
I guarantee it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20

Econ pop quiz this morning. What exaclty is the point of a pop quiz? Wouldn't you want your students to get the best possible grades in your course? Ah, it boggles my mind.

My neighbors came to visit! They were in Champaign for lunch with some clients, after that they stopped by Allen and check out my dorm room. After that we did some thrifting! It was funnnn. Ran into evan downtown, I learned later he wanted to take a photo of my neighbor? haha.

Me and steph went for a walk after that. Walked through old urbana, got some awesome shots.

After dinner, I took a walk and talked to kelsey on the phone. Then did some physics homework, then just hung out.

Feels good not to be rushed to have to finish a paper or study for an exam.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

September 19

Old photo I never posted. Today was busy.

Flikr Porfolio -

Today got up, turned my paper in at 9am, felt awsome. The rest of the day was dedicated to studying for Physics and other little things. Me and Kristin were study buddies, it worked. After lunch we studied 'till dinner, after dinner I got a bit more in, and then we headed to the Exam @ 7. It was so EASY! It was way cool. I think I only missed like 3.

Later I sat in the lounge with Ria and Neco and we hung out. Good times.

Just 3 days 'till Friday now. Oh, and apparently Dan is coming Saturday? Sjweeeet.

September 18

I'm feeling better. My paper is done and ready to be handed in tomorrow at 9am!

This morning tho..I might've accidently slept through Econ. OOPS. Like, I set my alarm and everyhing. I even woke up at 8 to go take a shower at get ready, but I must've turned the alarm off and laid back down...because next thing I know it's 9.50 and I was like..OH SHIT! So I madly through on some clothes and ran to Psych @ 10.

Besides the morning madness, the rest of the day went good. Photog from 2-6, but it went by fairly quickly. I took breaks and just came back to my room, haha. He told us to go out and I did..but I took some breaks inbetween.

Dinner, then did some studying on the quad with Kristin. Physics Exam I tomorrrowww!

Damn, after tomorrow I'm gonna be done with stuff for a while. It's going to feel good. I'll just have my readingss.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

September 17

My folks came for lunch today. it was def nice to see them and talk. I miss them

After that I came home and worked on my paper, only have 1 page left. I think I'm gonna try to do a bit more tonight before bed, just since I have photog like all fucking day tomorrow and I need to study for my Phsyics exam.

AhhhHHH. I just want to be not sick anymore and be able to talk.

After dinner I just did more work. And work and wasting time.

I barely got my Econ hw done tonight on time, it was due at 11 and the goddamn website kept freezing. UGHz

I think I just need sleep.

September 16

I was woken up my Ria and Niko this morning. We had some tasty brunch. The hot tea was good on my throat.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, messing around, and the bulk of it was writing my paper.

I've pretty much got the format down, and my aim, so all that's left is 3 more pages. Gotta finish it tomorrow because I need Monday to edit and study for Physics Exam. Haha oh boy.

Me and Steph went to Evans for pizza, there was supposed to be a cookout..but I guess that didn't work. We watched a movie then just hung out. Later we all went back to Allen and checked out Zack's dance party, then just chilled in my room for a bit.

Took the bus to a "90's HipHop" party over on 4th street. It wasn't the the best dance party. Fun tho

After all this, I insisted on more pizza. Then back to Allen....SLEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

My parents come in like 8 hours!!?!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

September 15

So I worked hard all week hoping there'd be some dancing this weekend, and oh was there.

Haha. Tonight was a blast

The rest of today was spent playing freeze tag in Psych? Doing moderately...well? lol on my Econ quiz.

Then the rest of the afternoon I messed around with my new DJ software anddddd layed by the pond with virginia.

Dinner at ISR mexican craziness!! Then some crazy ass theater performace over at the Armory. Uhm..yea. Cool, but just totally out there and wacked.

Tomorrow is filled with paper writing. Goodie!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14

Ok so I just realized my history paper is due this Tuesday, not next. Holllyyy shit

Besides the rising amount of work, today went well. I really like my history teacher, I dunno. She's just cool. Makes being a historian/history professor pretty cool. Besides that, Physics discussion and lecture went as ususal. Oh, and physics Evam #1 is Tuesday too. Why do tuesdays suck?

Dinner with friends and Psych teacher. A bit akward but cool. Later I posted some signs and chalked up the quad for Starcourse.

Oh, and made a bday card for Pauly. Happy birthday!

This weekend will def be filled with dancing, fun and writings.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13

Econ lecture was a joke today, I it worth my time to get up at 8 and go to that thing?

Psych class is pretty much a joke too. We play games lol. We're probably all gonna be screwed for the final tho.

Lunch after History discussion, then I just relaxed/naped/iTuned it for basically 3 hours. Probably a complete waste of time, but I needed it. For dinner I made some soup and took medicine...*cough* Im sick!!

Later I hung out with Steph and we walked over to Evan's house. Me, Bill, and Evan headed to the library later. I actually got a lot of reading done, probably would've got more done if those people weren't so loud. bastards.

I just had some cereal and it was awesome.

September 12

I think I'm getting sick. Boo

History this morning, followed by a huge break in which I lounged and read, got some work done, watched the apple event.

iTunes 7!

Haha, anyway I headed to Physics later, making a stop at the Union to attempt to quit Starcrouse. Stupid thing.

After physics I did hw with Kristin and lots of help from my roommate..hehe.

Later after a good dinner of chinese food (hell yea!) headed to the library with Steph, Evan and Bill. Fun times, got my history paper done too. I thought I wouldn't get any work done but I did. I was glad. Headed to late night afterward for some treats.

Checked out the lego party and watched the Cubs win around 11. haha, good times in Allen Hall.

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11

It's weird that 9-11 was only 5 years ago, seems like it happened so recently. It's interesting tho how little of a role it played today, no one really even talked about it. I wonder how long it'll be until someone can mention september the 11th, and not think of new york or terrorism...Crazy stuff.

Econ and Psych this morning. Got back and found out I only missed 1 on my econ homework thanks to virginia! yay

And then I took my Psych quiz and got a 100%. Pretty snazy.

Lunch with friends, then hung out 'till photog at 2.

After dinner I did laundry and read/highlighted history stuff. Later took a walk to ISR with steph for some late nite foods.

Tally Hall plays this thursday at the cowboy monkey. Too bad you have to be 19 to get in :[

Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 10

I might've accidnely slept 'till 1 today.

Went to some stores with Gretchen and Ria. They picked up food for tonight's homemade meal, which was awesome btw. On the way back to Allen we picked up some extra things from Gretchen's sister's house, and stopped at Evans to get my grocerys from yesterday.

Rest of the afternoon was spent just chilling. Finished Psych notes, Econ homework. Yay

Dinner in the kitchet with friends. Awesomely cool. Felt like family almost, I mean that seems weird.

But it did.

September 9

It was a chill saturday until after about 2. Earlier I had made myself some microwave mac-n-cheese, skipped lunch at Allen.

Got picked up by evan, bill, tommy. We headed to downtown champaign. Place is way cool. Thrift shops, used book stores, ice cream, comic books, pictures. Before we headed back, we stopped at Target for a few things. I picked up some soda and milk.

Somehow I remembered the Starcouse thing just as we were driving by the "meeting place". Got dropped off.
The entire thing was retarted, Im so glad I left early. Absolutely rediculous. I was so annoyed there. I mean there was some cool people, but the atmosphere and the way in which we were "told" to hang out was lame as hell. Ugh, anyway.

With Starcourse ended, stopped by Evans to get my groceries..but ended just staying for pizza and gothika. Ok I admit's not that bad. haha

Later we attempted a dance party, but no one is rescheduled I guess. Stephanie came tho, we just chilled. Later we were lead in a sort of...odd way? haha, to this apartment. It was a nice walk tho. There were some definite characters at that party...all in all, an overal good saturday.

So much work tomorrow.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

September 8


So I've figured Urbana dance parties are the sweetness now. SOOO Fun.

Got up this morning for Psych, then headed to Econ discussion at 12.

The rest of the afternoon was spent just chilling, finishing up a bit of work, watching tv, makes designs for Paulys door.

Headed to dinner, then Sean Ben and his roommate decided to dress in drag and try to rush? hahaha. It was out of control.

Dance parties later with lots of people at Evans, then headed to this house on Spfld. Rd. Way coooool.

Im tired, pics tomorrow.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 7

History this morning. Then headed to my physics discussion @ 10, wowwwwwww. Im so bored in that class.

Field of greens for lunch with a bunch of friends. good times.

Headed back to physics at 2. Walked back and got pulled into this history channel show about egypt and the bible. Crazy stuff lol. This guy basically found out how the sea parted, the mountain where moses made the 10 commandments on, and discovered the arc of the covenant. Well not the real thing, but an image of it. HE WAS GENIOUS. Why's he not like, all over the news?

After dinner me and evan went photo adventuring.

Now I have got some hw and just chillin'.

September 6

Slept in a bit today and forgot my shower. Oops.

Lunch with Steph then a History discussion in Allen @ 12. You know, I really hate my history class. Not because we have to learn stuff, but the way in which she makes us learn! Why can't we just learn about history...the dates, the places, the people, the order? I DON'T give a shit about some ancient Sumerian myth, or comparing Hebrews to Syrians..

Took a walk to the Union to pay my due for Starcourse and stopped by Walgreens for some 3M hooks to fix the lights. They fell down last night. Me and Ryan woke up to our room covered in Xmas lights..quite amusing actually.

Anyway, got almost caught up in all my reading by dinner. Wafflez!

Project Runway @ 9

Watched Annie Hall on the 2nd floor after that. Awesome movie.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September 5

It was back to classes today. Rainy and cold in the morning, but it was a nice treck to class on the quad bundled in jeans and a hoodie. Haha.

Had lunch over at LAR with some friends, Field of Greens. I forgot how I missed just sitting and having lunch/dinner with people here. Labor Day break was fun..but I did miss Allen/friends.

Physics @ 2. I learned about SeeSaws!!

Dinner, then I worked on my history paper for tomorrow. I srsly need to get back into the school mode.

Then hung out at Evan's house later for the PHOTO.

September 4

Left home today. Woke up for a nice long shower and an awesome lunch with toasted cheese :]

Back at Allen I had many things to move in, but it only took one trip thanks to some friends. Parked the car and walked back.

Hung out the rest of the night, took pics.

I'm glad Im back.

Monday, September 04, 2006

September 3

Last full day at home. I head back to Champaign tomorrow.

Woke up to some pancakes and bacon :]

Got things together, packed more things, organized, had some lunch, took a nap outside with my iPod.

Cleaned up and headed to the store and then to grandmas. Picked up a few last thigns before dinner at Target like printer ink and a longer ethernet cable.

Dinner was good, my grandma also gave me another plant to tend to. Im excited to water them everday and keep them growing.

Later headed to Drew's bday party, it was out of control lol. Fun times tho. Got home about 12.

Didn't really have time to shoot today, so here's a bunch of old photos I never posted.