Tuesday, September 19, 2006

September 18

I'm feeling better. My paper is done and ready to be handed in tomorrow at 9am!

This morning tho..I might've accidently slept through Econ. OOPS. Like, I set my alarm and everyhing. I even woke up at 8 to go take a shower at get ready, but I must've turned the alarm off and laid back down...because next thing I know it's 9.50 and I was like..OH SHIT! So I madly through on some clothes and ran to Psych @ 10.

Besides the morning madness, the rest of the day went good. Photog from 2-6, but it went by fairly quickly. I took breaks and just came back to my room, haha. He told us to go out and shoot...so I did..but I took some breaks inbetween.

Dinner, then did some studying on the quad with Kristin. Physics Exam I tomorrrowww!

Damn, after tomorrow I'm gonna be done with stuff for a while. It's going to feel good. I'll just have my readingss.


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Clayton said...

aww I miss you and kristin!