Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31

Woke up early this morning for my first day of Colorado sking, and it's amazing! The snow is so soft and moveable, and you go so high! Lol, in the beginning I was freaking out. Okay, so in the beginning, I hadn't skied for like, 4 years, so I was a little rusty. However, by the end, I did fairly well and did some tree stuff and mogles. yay. So, after Arapahoe we traveled over the mountains, over the continental divide, and made our way through the winding road toward Winter Park. On the way, I snapped pictures like crazy. At one point, the radio was playing continuous Beatle songs, and the mountains were everywhere, and it was perfect!

Okay, so now Im in some, somewhat smelly, condo about 5 miles North of Winter Park. It has that ugly wooden panelling, but Rita was able to find internet! I was amazed and happy.

So, these pics were either taken at the resort today or in the car on the way to my current location. Enjoy.

J'adore les montagnes!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 30

Mannn...I love traveling! I am updating from the Comfort Suits in Dillon, Co.

The flight was awesome, I love flying so much lol. The landing was smooth, and it was a perfect 65/sunny in Denver. Okay, the Denver airport is amazing. It's sooo spread out and perfect. You take these like underground, un-manned trams around. I thought I had jumped into those images of future airports that people were drawing in the 60's. OK, sooo we get our car and start driving west into the mountains. It's so weird to see actual "interesting" landscape, IL is so flat. So, we kept driving west, and the hills get higher, pointer, edgier. Soon, we see snow. Then! You see massive peaks of white. Tres cool.

Tomorrow go skiing/snowboarding and hopefully get some awesome shots of landscapes. These were from today though:


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 29

Unlike most wednesdays, this was a good one. Normally I have early jazz practice at like 7.15am, and today wouldn't have been a good day for that because...I was up 'till like 1am doing hw and extra hw since I'm gonna be gone. And normally I work wed. but no work today either! yay. YUP, tomorrow I leave for Colorado for some sking/snowboarding with my pop. I'm excited, I love airports and trips. -- After school I just sat around, ate some tacos, tuned my drums. Voila mes photos!

Hopefully the place where I'm staying will have internet cause I'm bringing my computer. If it doesn't, then I'll see you on next week.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March 28

Today it dawned on me that in two days I'll be gone and I won't have any hw to worry about, but until then, I've got stuff to do. Tonight has been hectic as hell. Sight-and-Sound, our high school bands performace was boring as hell. My mom lectured me on the way there and back why "you dress up to show your character. You need to always look nice". >>

Well, I'm having doubts about Bromley now, so I'm looking to Univ. Housing. I think this kid saved me: Evan's Photo Blog. His name is Evan, and he has cooler pics than me. So check his stuff out.

Soo...I didn't have time for a pic, so ladies and gentlemen, this is my lamp.

Well, here's one from last week :] :

Monday, March 27, 2006

March 27

Ah, the dreaded Monday..Actually, today wasn't bad until 7th hour Government. Mr. Welch was going on about something, who knows, I put my head down and was completely out. Then the rest of the day I was quiet, 'till Jazz Band and I got to hang out with Phil. After Jazz went on a hunt for a good locale for a nice pic. I found some, but this was the best I got.

Btw, Im ready for Thursday! Trip to Colorado! No school, woot.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

March 26

A fine Sunday it was. Slept in, had some cinnamon rolls, which are soso good. Who invented such a thing? Anyway, sat around 'till about 3 when Dan and Ryan came over for a little bike ride. It's feeling more and more like spring, and I love it. These are pics from the ride, not the best, but it's all I got.

March 25

This was a fun Saturday. Went with my dad to get my Tux altered for Prom, then came home for lunch and had some good soup. Kelsey came over and we headed downtown to take pictures for photog, and then stopped in at the Blues Festival which was really cool. There were a lot of interesting people there, and the music was awesome. After dinner, headed to Kristins. We talked about Randal and things, then others came and we watched some German movie, "The Twin Sisters"?, Idk, but it was cool. I didn't get to finish it, but I will someday.

Now, I'm tired.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

March 24

It's Friday! Yay. Today was actually very nice. School went smoothly, had fun after school with Jake and Dan, then to Trivia Night. Our team got 3rd place?! But we didn't win anything lol. This first pic is from the sunset this evening, and then there's another from the blizzard day.

I'm talking to people I haven't in a long time, and I like it.

Currently listening to: "Samson" by Regina Spektor

Thursday, March 23, 2006

March 23

Last night I stayed up late watching The Birdcage on Bravo, which was quite entertaining, but I was pretty tired today when I got back from school. I think my two favorite classes now are Humanities and Photog, even though you don't necessarily learn "academic" stuff, I enjoy it. After school I got a snack from Wendys and then layed down to watch TV. I'm ready for it to be warm now. Random shot of my dog I took after dinner, then more pics from the blizard the other day.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

March 22

Today was another short day of school. I left early to have my braces taken off, woot! Got home from that and went straight to work. I was at the pool until 7.30, and then drove home. I took the top pic today at work, the bottom one was this morning before all the snow melted.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March 21

The start of my photo blog. Today we didn't have school, snow day! There was a massive blizzard. I slept in and then went sledding with friends. I took this when I got back home. I'm tired, and life resumes tomorrow.