Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31

Woke up early this morning for my first day of Colorado sking, and it's amazing! The snow is so soft and moveable, and you go so high! Lol, in the beginning I was freaking out. Okay, so in the beginning, I hadn't skied for like, 4 years, so I was a little rusty. However, by the end, I did fairly well and did some tree stuff and mogles. yay. So, after Arapahoe we traveled over the mountains, over the continental divide, and made our way through the winding road toward Winter Park. On the way, I snapped pictures like crazy. At one point, the radio was playing continuous Beatle songs, and the mountains were everywhere, and it was perfect!

Okay, so now Im in some, somewhat smelly, condo about 5 miles North of Winter Park. It has that ugly wooden panelling, but Rita was able to find internet! I was amazed and happy.

So, these pics were either taken at the resort today or in the car on the way to my current location. Enjoy.

J'adore les montagnes!


Dan! said...

Oh man, NICE!

Hmm so you didn't snowbaord? =[

Today I had the easiest school day ever, I had liek 4 study halls then i cooked spanish food!

Man, I wish you were at school today, we would've had so much fun roaming around!

And then, we moved EVERYTHING out of the upper floor, because you know, we are gettign the floors re-done. So I just finished getting the whole computer moved downstairs.
Im gald Rita found some Wi-Fi =]

The pics are great!

Get on AIM later, or send me a myspace message or.. something!

Hope your having fun on your break!

Kelsey said...

*Je les montagnes adore!

Get your French right!!

(Glad you're having fun!)