Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 1

Ah, what an awesome day. Today my dad and I skied at Winter Park. Okay, this place is HUGE. For the first couple hours, I was completely lost. There are runs and lifts going every which way. I've never been to a resort where so many people had their trail maps out, there was even a man stationed at the top of each lift to help people find their way. As for the sking, it rocked. Jumped right into some blues and blacks today, however, my favorite thing was the tree sking. Oh my! It's just so cool to be surrounded by a forest of evergreens, alone, bundled up, and you have to try to pick your way through the forest. I am definitely doing some more of it tomorrow.

As for pics, It was kinda yucky all day - it snowed for about 1/2 of the day. The sun did come out at the very end though.