Sunday, April 02, 2006

April 2

Woah, alright. My second day at Winter Park was too cool. Woke up a little late due to the time change, but once that was figured out, me and my dad headed to the slopes. There was at least 4 inches of fresh powder <3! First couple runs were dreadfully cold - the wind was intense. About the 5th run, the sun came out and the wind died down. My favorite thing about Colorado so far, is definitely the tree skiing. Me and my dad headed to the highest point on the mountain and skiied all the way down. It was amazing. I tried to take pics from the top, It was incredible to be level with all the tops of the Rockies, you could see for miles.

Well...the internet in my condo isn't working, Im posting this from our car - we are currently sitting outside an internet cafe robbing their internet, just for a bit ;]



Kelsey said...

Haha.. I like the first one. Cute.


very cool


the powder between the trees is by far the best

Dan said...

Nice, very nice

Anonymous said...

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