Monday, April 03, 2006

April 3

Today was a long day and I'm pretty tired. It was my last day of Colorado skiing, tomorrow me and my Dad head into Denver and hang out until we catch a plane back to St. Louis. Today it was soso hot, you could almost ski with a t-shirt on. The snow was melting right in front of your eyes. The temperature made the snow very moveable, but almost too wet and sticky - it was all still fun though. The whole trip rocked and I had a blast.

I think I'm ready to come home - See friends, sleep in my own bed, get ready for spring break.

I'm pretty sunburnt...and it sucks, I'll be alright tho.

Btw, still no internet at the condo, idk why. Im updating from outside the coffee shop again today lol. Tomorrow I can hopefully find some internet in Denver or at the airport, I most likely will.