Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 4

Im back in Illinois!

Got to sleep in early this morning. Me and my Dad packed up all our stuff and headed out of the mountains about 9. We decided not to ski our last day and head into Denver and hang out. I wanted to walk around downtown and take pictures, maybe find some cool shops. So, we got into downtown about 11. Paid our meter, and I packed cameras and Rita in my backpack, then we headed toward the buildings.

First of all, downtown Denver isn’t THAT impressive. It’s definitely cooler than Springfield, of course, but it’s not like Chicago. Everything is much more spread out, and I didn’t get that big city vibe - parly because businessmen didn’t look the part, wearing shorts and hats, and a lack of expensive shops. Another thing that bugged me were the amount of homeless people. Now, I know there are some in Chicago, but on every corner? I did see one cool old man, he was begging, but he was playing the clarient, lol.

Left downtown about 3, we had an hour, so we went to a mall on the map. I was worried it was going to be kind of trashy, but we quicly found out where all the luxury stores were. Lol, so..we kinda walked around, it was cool though.

Went to the airport, had a cool Jamacan shuttle driver, got to ride those sweet underground trains again (and I saw those fans again, too cool.) There wasn’t any internet in the airport, which pissed me off, you had to pay Verizon $10. Yeah...

Well, Im at home and soon I’ll be sleeping in my bed again. Sucks I have early Jazz Band in the morning, but prolly not a bad thing because we have a concert tomorrow night, lol.

Wow, too big of an update. Ah well, talk to everybody soon.

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Kelsey said...

You can tell that Denver definitely has a different feel than Chicago architecture-wise.