Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 29

Worked all day downtown. It wasn't bad because they actually gave me stuff to do. I worked on the html for one of thier clients websites, then finished up one of the brochures. Oh, and I took a walk around downtown.

I came home from dinner and then went to the hospital to visit my grandma. She's doing better.

Tonight just Dan came over to watch Transporter 2. Uhm, it was really bad.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

June 28

Downtown 'till 1 today. Came home for lunch. Toasted cheese?!

Hung out with gparents until I went down to Auburn at 4. It never rained but people were gone by 7.15. I closed up at 7.45 and went home.

I came home to find no one. I get a call saying my grandma wasn't feeling right and they took her to the hospital? They dunna what's wrong, but she's staying the night. :[

Uhmm..well I was told not to go to the hospital so I went out with clayton and drew and met up with Kelsey and her friend. It was fun.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

June 27

Downtown 8.30-12.30.

Came home early for a break. Took a nap.

Lifeguard 4-7. Got to get off early due to the storm

After all the work I went to dinner with my gparents who are in town. We got pizza at this old place in the city. It was nice.

Tonight Im liking the idea of watching lost in translation or casablanca in bed. G'night.

Monday, June 26, 2006

June 26

Today I worked downtown 'till 2.30. On my lunch break I roamed around downtown and took pictures - it was fun. After doing my thing downtown, I got home, changed and went to Auburn to lifeguard. I only had to stay about 2 hrs since it started to thunder about 6pm.

When I got home I rested and had a little dinner with family. Afterwards we watched these homemovies my grandpa took from the late 50's early 60's. They were crazy cool. I love old movies and things from the time period. Everything seemed so much simplier..

After the movies I went out with Dan. We met up with some friends and hung out. It was fun.

Tomorrow is the same routine job-wise. Yeah...G'night.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

June 25

From the other night.

Today our relatives came down from Naperville to be with the gparents. It was fun. We got to tube and go on the lake, eat lots of food and hang out.

Around 4.30 I headed down to Auburn to lifeguard and said goodbye to everyone. When I got there tho, everyone was packing up and leaving. I stayed for at least and hour, but Barb knew I had relatives at home so she said I could leave.

I got home just in time for dinner. After dinner everyone left, we said goodbye, and the gparents were worn out so they headed to bed. Im gonna stay up and read a little maybe? I dunna.

Tomorrow I work downtown 'till 3 then lifeguard 4-8. Jeeeze.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

June 24

Worked 12-4. It went suprisingly fast. It was nice.

After work I wanted to take pictures but i remembered my Mom had the memory card. I really need to get one for myself, a bigger one. 1gb? :]

I got cleaned up after work then me and the family headed to Ryan's grad party. It wasn't to see people I hadn't seen since school ended. Everyone chatted and had small bits of foods. We took some photos too.

Kristin gave me a ride back home for dinner with the grandparents. Then for deser the OTHER grandparents came. ALL THE GPARENTS together!

I got a call and we decided to go play mini golf or hit golf balls. We ended up doing the driving range because it was cheaper lol. After golf we got frosty's and then explored South Park - avoiding the police.

Tomorrow the uncle and cousins come down from Naperville for a day. Oh joyy lol.

Friday, June 23, 2006

June 23

Today I headed downtown and worked 'till 11. I arrived and there was barely anyone there. I said, "So, where is everyone?" The lady at the desk next to me smiled and simply said, "It's friday one is here yet." So there wasn't anyone there to give me any jobs...soo..I basically surfed the internet for 3 hours and got paid for it. haha

I got home then went and lifeguarded from 12-4.

I took it easy when I got home and perpaired myself for my grandparents - they came up from Georgia. My Dad went to pick them up this morning in Nashville because my Aunt drove them half the way. They're getting kinda slow, but it was nice to see them. My parents let me go out after dinner so I said goodnight to everyone and went to pick up Dan. We hung out with Drew and some of his friends. It was fun. We made a song and attempted to eat food but it didn't work out lol.

Tomorrow I work 12-4 AGAIN then go to Ryan's grad party.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

June 22

Today I worked downtown from 8.30-3. It was fine because they started to give me actual work to do. I was told to redesign this brochure for one of their clients or programs or something. I HONESTLY don't really know what the company actually does that I work for. lol

Kelsey was awesome and met me for lunch downtown. Downtown Springfield is, for some reason, BOOMING during the lunchours. I mean there's people all over. I felt like I was in Chicago for a second. I've never seen anything like it before. Someday I'll bring my camera to work and snap some people shots over the lunch hour. Anyway, the lunch was good and I got back to work just in time.

Worked 'till 3. Finsihed up the brochure, but I have a feeling I will be told redo some stuff on it tomorrow.

Being at home was nice. Just took it easy.

After dinner I really didn't know what to do. Erin talked about going to the Chatham Homecoming but it was raining. But around 9 I got a call from her saying to come because it stopped raining and there was lots of people there. So I went down there, clayton had just called me after work and told him that's where I was headed - he tagged along. We saw lots of people, some I wished I thought I never had to see again, and then others like Drew!

Tomorrow I work just a bit in the morning downtown then lifeguard 12-4. grandparents from Georgia come tomorrow. Help me?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 21

Today I worked downtown at the computer place 'till 11. Then I rushed home, got changed, packed a lunch and drove to Auburn to lifeguard 12-4.

When I got home I was tired, but it felt nice to sit in the AC and just mess around on the computer.

After dinner I consulted Kelsey and Dan about shopping because I needed more "work" type clothes for the computer job. We stopped at Old Navy, The Mall, then took a detour to take pictures at the Park, then Kelsey needed some "small items" from Meijer so we went there. Finally got home around 10.30. We all hung out for a while then they just left about 20 min ago.

Tomorrow I go downtown, but Kelsey might meet me for lunch?! :]

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20

Today was pretty hectic and I need sleep to start yet again another day like it tomorrow, so here's a quick update.

-Got up at 7.30am for the new job. Arrived.
-Apparently I get a desk, with a computer, with a phone, an email, and my own extension? BASICALLY..I'm an intern.
-I didn't do much before lunch besides little chores they gave me.
-Met up with my Dad for lunch
-Back to the job and did a run with one of the employees to fix computers
-Left at 3, to go to Edgewood work 4-8.

When I got home I was dead. A long shower felt so nice. Then me and Danny went to BN and hung out. Picked up:

-Fahrenheit 451
-Animal Farm

I've heard good things, so I'm excited.

Tomorrow I do the computer job for a bit then head to Auburn for 12-4 lifeguarding.


Oh, here's me exhausted:

June 19

I didn't do much today until work at 4-8. It was long and boring, but towards the end I found a blank piece of paper so I doodled and wrote things.

After work I came home and got ahold of Dan. He got home yesterday, but we didn't get a chance to hang out. So we both got cleaned up. He scooted over here on his scooter. He checked out the new camera (Now officially named Sophie). After about 20 min we called Erin. She was over at Lauren's house with Becca. We had a bit of difficulty finding her house but we finally did. We played cards and ate snacks. 'twas fun.

Tomorrow I start my job at the computer place - gotta wake up at 7.30 :[

I think it'll be sort of fun tho. Apparently I get my own desk and everything. So I'm basically an intern for this technology company. Hopefully I don't get any requests like, "Get me a sandwhich."

So far I'm obsessing with close-ups with my camera because I haven't been able to zoom in that far before. SOON different shots will come lol.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 18

My Fav:

I think I need to stop shooting flowers.

I just finished Catcher in the Rye and it came together so perfectly in the end. The last scene, with his sister riding the carousel in the rain, wearing her hat. Him sitting on the bench, getting soaked for the hell of it and smiling. And being happy for the first time since leaving school. I loved the way Salinger finished up the book with the last chapter. Great read.

Today I worked 12-4, but got off early around 2.30 due to rain and storms.

I came home and took photos and took it easy.

Around 4 I headed to my grandparents house with the family for "Father Day Dinner". Some of my aunts and uncles were there. I sat and ate ribs and watched the men freak out over the U.S. Open. Golf is funny. Everyone talks how boring it is, but when there's a ball rolling across a plane toward a hole - everyone in the room watches. Granted, I watched the ball a couple times aswell.

My eyes are a bit tired and blurry - they get that way when I read alot. I honestly don't know why. Earlier in the night I heard my Dad in the den watching an old Samurai movie. I had this urge to go watch it with him, but I didn't.

The plans for mini golf tonight sort of fell through, but Im glad. Salinger made it up.

Tomorrow I work 4-8 and honstely don't know what else I'm doing.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

June 17

It came! My new camera!

Now I'm still learning how to work it but Im quickly learning..I think.

Today I woke up to "Justin Fedex is here!" I scrambled out of bed and went to the kitchen to find this huge box on the island. Yes, it was my camera. I opened it all up. It was awesome. I only got to play with it for a little bit due to work at 12-4.

I worked. It started sorming right at the end of my shift, so I didn't get off but I got all my hours in for the money.

When I came home I read through my camera's manual and took lots of test pictures and changed knobs and dials. It's funn.

Later after dinner Kelsey came to hang out. She liked the camera. We put some music on her new iPod and then headed downtown to see if we could find any bands playing. No luck at Holy Grounds or BS, so we checked at the place on the corner on South Grand. There was these punk bands playing. It looked alright, so we hurried inside. The music was...meh. The people were a bit scary and we pretty much isolated ourselves. It was alright as something to do tho.

On the way home we stopped and did some time exposures on the bridge over I55 near my house. They turned out cool and it taught my the "ways" of my camera more.

I think I'll stay online a bit longer then go to bed and work my way to the end of "Catcher in the Rye".

Oh, my camera needs a name. Any suggestions??

Friday, June 16, 2006

June 16

Got up early and headed to Champaign for summer registration.

We took a shuttle to the student union from the parking lot. I guess we were late because there had to be 500 other people already seated. Some people gave some speeches, and then we were handed materials and sent off to different areas. I split up with my Dad. I headed to Gregory Hall? (I'm still learning) for the LAS introduction. This crazy cool British dean gave us a fun lecture on what the day will hold for us. What type of classes we'll be taking, what we'll need to take, how many electives we'll have, and just a basic overview of our first year.

After that we were again split into smaller groups to meet with your "Academic Advisor". We met in the Foreign Language building. There were 4 other kids in my group. They were all cool. We talked about our placement scores and what courses we will take as a result of them. She also handed us a time that we were supposed to meet her to schedule our courses.

I walked to lunch with some kids I met in the Foreign Lang building. Both girls were from Chicago. They were really nice, it's fun to meet new people! We walked into the Student Union for lunch but we didn't find our parents so we found a table. Eventually I got too hungry and tired of waiting for my Dad, so I got up and grabbed my lunch. Pizza!? Yum.

I said goodbye to my new found friends, maybe to find them again someday. Before heading to my appointment, we stopped and had my I-Card (ID) made. It's not the best picture in the world. My Dad had showed up and we walked to the building I was told to meet at at 1. I went in and upstairs to find my advisor. So I sat down and she just sat there, looking at me, waiting for me to tell her what I wanted to take. I was so scared! I didn't know what to take. I sort of figured it out - good thing I did my "summer homework". I imputed a rough scheduled, knowing full well I'd def need to go home and read through the course book and GenEd requirment to rechoose my classes.

We couldn't find a bus so we freakin' WALKED all the way back to the lot. It's pretty damn far. The car ride home was nice and quiet. I looked through my course book and read/listened to my iPod.

Around dinner after we got home we met up with my neighbors to celebrate my Dad's birthday. We went to the Mexican restaurant. It was cool. I left a bit early to head out to the beach house for one of my friend's birthday parties. His band was playing, but there was food and treats. All was good.

I came home and reviewed my scheduled once more, changing..tweaking a bit more because after midnight I can't change anymore.

WHEW. This update was too long but I just kept typing. I'm off to bed to read some or sleep. I soon start my weeks of work everday and then my second job kicks in. Lucky me.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 15

Today didn't do much until I had to work at 4-8. It was unusually crowded and some people came that I've never seen there before, but i cleared everyone out at 8 and headed home.

When I got home I had a quick sandwhich and then went over to Kristin's to see her new macbook. Pretty snazzy! Looks sharp in black. It runs a little faster than mine I would say. I don't think I need to rush and upgrade though. I don't see a major difference. Then we played her ddr stuff.

Tomorrow is registration for UofI. I'm a bit nervous but I get my schedule and iCard and stuff. G'night.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14

Today I went on an 80's music binge and it was amazing lol. I might've gone out of control, but it was fun.

I met up with Allison and Kelsey at Panera around 1. Sat and chatted then we went for our thrift store run. I was trying to find a cool lamp or little things for my dorm, but didn't. I did find a kickass tie for 99 cents. Oh, and an old casette.

After dinner I headed over to Lesleys. Brian, Clayton, Erin, Nathan, and Kelsey were there. It was fun. We watched Austin Powers 3. Jeeze I forgot how funny that movie is. Then we watched some tv afterwards - AFV. Haha, hilarious stuff.

Tomorrow Im back to work 4-8, then friday is registration for UofI?!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13

Today was pretty slow, but I liked it.

Didn't do much in the afternoon, maily read Catcher and the Rye. So far it's good. I can read through Salinger's text fast and understand it, which I like. He uses curse words almost every two senteces but it's different. Im at the part where he just arrived in the city and he called up this prostitute, but she didn't come out for "cocktails" with him lol. It's good.

Later in the afternoon I tried to plan a tubing get-together, but no one could make it 'cept Lesley - it was still cool. We rode around and found waves. I took her down the creek. I think she had fun, and so I did I. Woot.

Tacos for dinner with gramps. After dinner I started cleaning out my bookcase. I took out old things and weird books I never read. I organized everything and brought my DVD's to my shelfs. Then I somehow got going through the drawers and it started getting out of hand when my neighbor called. Shes been wanting a pic with me in my grad gown. They're like the coolest neighbors. We chatted and walked around. She showed me her records and things. Fun stuff.

When I got back around 9-10 I finished up cleaning and organizing. I threw out alot of stuff, but it feels good. A PURGATION?!

lol I don't think I work tomorrow either?? What's goin' on?

Monday, June 12, 2006

June 12

Today I freaked out and did a massive cleaning and did laudry. I just needed to for some reason.

Sometime in the afternoon I talked with Clayton and we decided to play tennis. We did that and encountered the strangest old man I've EVER seen. He was wearing a white hat, a young ladies, stiped haulter top and mesh shorts. Omg lol. I couldn't keep a straight face. We took a break and walked to the college housing office for a drink. Clayton stole a pin of the Pope from someones backpack. After the break we didn't feel like anymore tennis so we got treats at Mcdonalds and added some musics.

Didn't feel like doing much after dinner, but I did take a bikeride. Just got my camera and bike and started riding. I would stop and take pictures of cool things. It was relaxing and nice to be alone. I found this abandonned lake house which was awesome. I want to go back at night with friends and try to get in. That's the house at the top pic.

After a while at home, I was talking to Allision and we were both bored so we decided to just go to BarnesandNoble. Clayton tagged along. She picked up some classics, him a bargin book, and I got Catcher in the Rye because I realized I haven't read it and it's only $7.

Tomorrow I don't really know what's going on.

Now I feel like laying in bed and reading!!

June 11

Today I worked from 12-4, but stayed an extra hour 'till 5. It sucked. It was rainy and really cold, but I had to stay because there was this church coming to swim at 2. So at 2 finally some people came, but only 2! So I sat there and listened to these retards talk for over an hour. I called Kelsey and she came to sit with me cause it was so bad. After 4, I stayed longer to sit with her. Finally all the people left by 5. It sucked.

Dinner at gramps. Then I met up with Kelsey.

I needed to buy some sunglasses for crazy times just to wear. So I got some.

Then we headed toward downtown. We parked and walked around. We went to the top of the parking garage and met this cool kid in the elevator, but he left. From the top, the downtown was freakin' silent. There was no one around. We climbed down and walked around the back. Then took a walk through the old Lincoln homes, however we soon starting see scary adults so we left.

We were gonna head back to her car, but we got the idea to visit "the tree" in the pasture off woodside road. It was hella tricky, but we ackomplished it. We had to hide our car, walk through a corn field, cross the busy road, get through an electric fens, avoid the cows, get across a massive creek. HOWEVER. Once we got across the creek - it was standing right before us, up on the hill. Suddenly fireworks starting going off in the background, behind the hill. We ran out of the tall grass onto short pasture grass. We ran. I was smiling. The fireworks were getting louder and the brighter. The tree starting to tower us, and in a moment I was totally content. It was amazing. When I reached the top of that hill with the single, tall tree, the fireoworks blasting in the distance. It was all worth it.

The only part that sucked was I couldn't get a decent picture of the tree. It was too dark.

Somehow we made it back, but did get pretty dirty. At my house we cleaned up and watched some of 'Eternal Sunshine'.

Perfect summer night.