Monday, June 12, 2006

June 11

Today I worked from 12-4, but stayed an extra hour 'till 5. It sucked. It was rainy and really cold, but I had to stay because there was this church coming to swim at 2. So at 2 finally some people came, but only 2! So I sat there and listened to these retards talk for over an hour. I called Kelsey and she came to sit with me cause it was so bad. After 4, I stayed longer to sit with her. Finally all the people left by 5. It sucked.

Dinner at gramps. Then I met up with Kelsey.

I needed to buy some sunglasses for crazy times just to wear. So I got some.

Then we headed toward downtown. We parked and walked around. We went to the top of the parking garage and met this cool kid in the elevator, but he left. From the top, the downtown was freakin' silent. There was no one around. We climbed down and walked around the back. Then took a walk through the old Lincoln homes, however we soon starting see scary adults so we left.

We were gonna head back to her car, but we got the idea to visit "the tree" in the pasture off woodside road. It was hella tricky, but we ackomplished it. We had to hide our car, walk through a corn field, cross the busy road, get through an electric fens, avoid the cows, get across a massive creek. HOWEVER. Once we got across the creek - it was standing right before us, up on the hill. Suddenly fireworks starting going off in the background, behind the hill. We ran out of the tall grass onto short pasture grass. We ran. I was smiling. The fireworks were getting louder and the brighter. The tree starting to tower us, and in a moment I was totally content. It was amazing. When I reached the top of that hill with the single, tall tree, the fireoworks blasting in the distance. It was all worth it.

The only part that sucked was I couldn't get a decent picture of the tree. It was too dark.

Somehow we made it back, but did get pretty dirty. At my house we cleaned up and watched some of 'Eternal Sunshine'.

Perfect summer night.


noxious said...

Those fireworks were almost too perfect. It was surreal.

But amazing. I loved it.

Now we just have to go to that big rock in the lake...

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