Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 10

The second picture is from yesterday.

Today I was awoken at 9.30 to cut the grass. Did that. Layed around 'till about 1 just listening to music and talking to folks. My Dad got back from the doctor and got me in the shower. Once I was cleaned up I headed over to Janel's house around 2.15. Her party was fun and there was lots of food. Yummy.

After Janels I made my way towards Mallory's house. I got lost though, and found this crazy old horse museum? It was completely demoloshied, but it was awesome. I stopped to take some pics. None really came out but that one shows you what it looked like.

Mallory's was fun. I got to meet her sisters. Left there at 8.30.

The rest of the night consisted of music, drumming, and editing photos. G'night.

Work tomorrow 12-4.


noxious said...

Yeah I like the first one.

I like the new layout too.

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