Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 9

This afternoon I got to hang out with Casey. We went on a photo adventure. I took her to that church that I took Kelsey a few weeks back. It was def more difficult to get inside of it than last time, but way worth it. We still didn't encounter anyone, which is so odd. We walked around the properties, walking through the massive cemetary and then the massive chapel. It'll really be cool when it's done renovating.

I took her home and hung out at her house for a bit. We had ice cream and talked to her Mom. I had to head home and she was off to a movie.

Got home around 7. Had a bit of dinner with the family, but didn't eat much because Nathan's party was at 8. It was fun. We played DDR and Guitar Hero. There were food and snacks, music, and pool. I got to see the final installment of Skibble, which rocked lol. I came home at 12.

Tomorrow there are the last two grad parties: Mallory and Janel.


noxious said...

We never got to versus in DDR ;_;


if you like walking around this thing...wait till you get to school.

there are a ton of buildings like this

its the coolest :)

Alley said...

loves for the first one

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