Friday, June 09, 2006

June 8

2 attemps at a picture of my back, but it didn't quite work.

This morning I ordered my new camera and some ram for my iBook!

In the afternoon I tried to plan a get together for some tubing, but the only person I got ahold of was Kelsey. So we got some gas and lunch and just went jetskiing. I took her down the little creek under Route 4. It was cool. First time back there this year, you can get through lol.

We came back and layed out for a bit, but she had to leave for work around 3. I went inside and took it easy 'till my parents came home. Dinner with gramps - hamburgers on the grill.

After dinner I got cleaned up and talked to Erin. She wanted to hangz, so me and Clayton went over there. I picked her and Whit up and we drove downtown for some Cold Stone. It was good. On the way back they picked up some things from Meijer, Oh, and we also took the shorcut through the field back to her house. Well it wasn't really any shorter but I wanted to take them. Soon as we got back to her house, we drove home.

OK the weirdest thing just happened. I had a pair of extra batteries in my pocket, and they fucking starting heating up! It was burning me through my jeans. It kinda hurt. I think it was because I had change in there and somehow, the current could flow through the coins and started getting HOT. Anyway, odd tid bit. G'night.


noxious said...

I like your ass.

I mean shirt. haha..


ooooh what kind of camera?


Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » »