Monday, June 12, 2006

June 12

Today I freaked out and did a massive cleaning and did laudry. I just needed to for some reason.

Sometime in the afternoon I talked with Clayton and we decided to play tennis. We did that and encountered the strangest old man I've EVER seen. He was wearing a white hat, a young ladies, stiped haulter top and mesh shorts. Omg lol. I couldn't keep a straight face. We took a break and walked to the college housing office for a drink. Clayton stole a pin of the Pope from someones backpack. After the break we didn't feel like anymore tennis so we got treats at Mcdonalds and added some musics.

Didn't feel like doing much after dinner, but I did take a bikeride. Just got my camera and bike and started riding. I would stop and take pictures of cool things. It was relaxing and nice to be alone. I found this abandonned lake house which was awesome. I want to go back at night with friends and try to get in. That's the house at the top pic.

After a while at home, I was talking to Allision and we were both bored so we decided to just go to BarnesandNoble. Clayton tagged along. She picked up some classics, him a bargin book, and I got Catcher in the Rye because I realized I haven't read it and it's only $7.

Tomorrow I don't really know what's going on.

Now I feel like laying in bed and reading!!



last one kicks!

noxious said...

I like the first and second ones a lot.

Anonymous said...

never read catcher and the rye? shame. franny and zooey is better.

Bill said...

you are improving.

Alley said...

kudos on the second one

Anonymous said...

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