Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13

Today was pretty slow, but I liked it.

Didn't do much in the afternoon, maily read Catcher and the Rye. So far it's good. I can read through Salinger's text fast and understand it, which I like. He uses curse words almost every two senteces but it's different. Im at the part where he just arrived in the city and he called up this prostitute, but she didn't come out for "cocktails" with him lol. It's good.

Later in the afternoon I tried to plan a tubing get-together, but no one could make it 'cept Lesley - it was still cool. We rode around and found waves. I took her down the creek. I think she had fun, and so I did I. Woot.

Tacos for dinner with gramps. After dinner I started cleaning out my bookcase. I took out old things and weird books I never read. I organized everything and brought my DVD's to my shelfs. Then I somehow got going through the drawers and it started getting out of hand when my neighbor called. Shes been wanting a pic with me in my grad gown. They're like the coolest neighbors. We chatted and walked around. She showed me her records and things. Fun stuff.

When I got back around 9-10 I finished up cleaning and organizing. I threw out alot of stuff, but it feels good. A PURGATION?!

lol I don't think I work tomorrow either?? What's goin' on?

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noxious said...

That exact same thing (the purgation) happened to me a few weeks ago. It feels good to be rid of all things old and unnecessary.

I hope you enjoy reading my favorite book!