Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14

Today I went on an 80's music binge and it was amazing lol. I might've gone out of control, but it was fun.

I met up with Allison and Kelsey at Panera around 1. Sat and chatted then we went for our thrift store run. I was trying to find a cool lamp or little things for my dorm, but didn't. I did find a kickass tie for 99 cents. Oh, and an old casette.

After dinner I headed over to Lesleys. Brian, Clayton, Erin, Nathan, and Kelsey were there. It was fun. We watched Austin Powers 3. Jeeze I forgot how funny that movie is. Then we watched some tv afterwards - AFV. Haha, hilarious stuff.

Tomorrow Im back to work 4-8, then friday is registration for UofI?!


noxious said...


I like number 2.

Had fun today!

Anonymous said...

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