Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 19

I didn't do much today until work at 4-8. It was long and boring, but towards the end I found a blank piece of paper so I doodled and wrote things.

After work I came home and got ahold of Dan. He got home yesterday, but we didn't get a chance to hang out. So we both got cleaned up. He scooted over here on his scooter. He checked out the new camera (Now officially named Sophie). After about 20 min we called Erin. She was over at Lauren's house with Becca. We had a bit of difficulty finding her house but we finally did. We played cards and ate snacks. 'twas fun.

Tomorrow I start my job at the computer place - gotta wake up at 7.30 :[

I think it'll be sort of fun tho. Apparently I get my own desk and everything. So I'm basically an intern for this technology company. Hopefully I don't get any requests like, "Get me a sandwhich."

So far I'm obsessing with close-ups with my camera because I haven't been able to zoom in that far before. SOON different shots will come lol.