Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 21

Today I worked downtown at the computer place 'till 11. Then I rushed home, got changed, packed a lunch and drove to Auburn to lifeguard 12-4.

When I got home I was tired, but it felt nice to sit in the AC and just mess around on the computer.

After dinner I consulted Kelsey and Dan about shopping because I needed more "work" type clothes for the computer job. We stopped at Old Navy, The Mall, then took a detour to take pictures at the Park, then Kelsey needed some "small items" from Meijer so we went there. Finally got home around 10.30. We all hung out for a while then they just left about 20 min ago.

Tomorrow I go downtown, but Kelsey might meet me for lunch?! :]


noxious said...

Had fun! Good pictures. Especially that "romantic" one, even though it didn't turn out ^_~

Looking forward to lunch!

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