Thursday, June 22, 2006

June 22

Today I worked downtown from 8.30-3. It was fine because they started to give me actual work to do. I was told to redesign this brochure for one of their clients or programs or something. I HONESTLY don't really know what the company actually does that I work for. lol

Kelsey was awesome and met me for lunch downtown. Downtown Springfield is, for some reason, BOOMING during the lunchours. I mean there's people all over. I felt like I was in Chicago for a second. I've never seen anything like it before. Someday I'll bring my camera to work and snap some people shots over the lunch hour. Anyway, the lunch was good and I got back to work just in time.

Worked 'till 3. Finsihed up the brochure, but I have a feeling I will be told redo some stuff on it tomorrow.

Being at home was nice. Just took it easy.

After dinner I really didn't know what to do. Erin talked about going to the Chatham Homecoming but it was raining. But around 9 I got a call from her saying to come because it stopped raining and there was lots of people there. So I went down there, clayton had just called me after work and told him that's where I was headed - he tagged along. We saw lots of people, some I wished I thought I never had to see again, and then others like Drew!

Tomorrow I work just a bit in the morning downtown then lifeguard 12-4. grandparents from Georgia come tomorrow. Help me?


noxious said...

I like no. 2

-The Awesome Kelsey

Anonymous said...

bitch please...I don't tag along because I'm not can't say things like that

Anonymous said...

^ agreed

Anonymous said...

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