Friday, June 23, 2006

June 23

Today I headed downtown and worked 'till 11. I arrived and there was barely anyone there. I said, "So, where is everyone?" The lady at the desk next to me smiled and simply said, "It's friday one is here yet." So there wasn't anyone there to give me any jobs...soo..I basically surfed the internet for 3 hours and got paid for it. haha

I got home then went and lifeguarded from 12-4.

I took it easy when I got home and perpaired myself for my grandparents - they came up from Georgia. My Dad went to pick them up this morning in Nashville because my Aunt drove them half the way. They're getting kinda slow, but it was nice to see them. My parents let me go out after dinner so I said goodnight to everyone and went to pick up Dan. We hung out with Drew and some of his friends. It was fun. We made a song and attempted to eat food but it didn't work out lol.

Tomorrow I work 12-4 AGAIN then go to Ryan's grad party.