Saturday, June 24, 2006

June 24

Worked 12-4. It went suprisingly fast. It was nice.

After work I wanted to take pictures but i remembered my Mom had the memory card. I really need to get one for myself, a bigger one. 1gb? :]

I got cleaned up after work then me and the family headed to Ryan's grad party. It wasn't to see people I hadn't seen since school ended. Everyone chatted and had small bits of foods. We took some photos too.

Kristin gave me a ride back home for dinner with the grandparents. Then for deser the OTHER grandparents came. ALL THE GPARENTS together!

I got a call and we decided to go play mini golf or hit golf balls. We ended up doing the driving range because it was cheaper lol. After golf we got frosty's and then explored South Park - avoiding the police.

Tomorrow the uncle and cousins come down from Naperville for a day. Oh joyy lol.