Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 30

Mannn...I love traveling! I am updating from the Comfort Suits in Dillon, Co.

The flight was awesome, I love flying so much lol. The landing was smooth, and it was a perfect 65/sunny in Denver. Okay, the Denver airport is amazing. It's sooo spread out and perfect. You take these like underground, un-manned trams around. I thought I had jumped into those images of future airports that people were drawing in the 60's. OK, sooo we get our car and start driving west into the mountains. It's so weird to see actual "interesting" landscape, IL is so flat. So, we kept driving west, and the hills get higher, pointer, edgier. Soon, we see snow. Then! You see massive peaks of white. Tres cool.

Tomorrow go skiing/snowboarding and hopefully get some awesome shots of landscapes. These were from today though:




very cool!

i like how the roof of the denver airport looks like mountains

and you know when you went in the underground subway thing...?

did you see the fans on the side of the tunnel walls that spin when you go by? there are hundreds of em...anyways

they each cost $700 a piece!!! crazy right? waste of money.

have a good trip!

Mr. Blue Sky Photography said...

Yesyes! I saw those fans, soo cool.

I woulda taken some shots on that little tram thingy, but my camera ran out of batteries ><.

ah well, but the denver airport is so beautiful!