Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March 28

Today it dawned on me that in two days I'll be gone and I won't have any hw to worry about, but until then, I've got stuff to do. Tonight has been hectic as hell. Sight-and-Sound, our high school bands performace was boring as hell. My mom lectured me on the way there and back why "you dress up to show your character. You need to always look nice". >>

Well, I'm having doubts about Bromley now, so I'm looking to Univ. Housing. I think this kid saved me: Evan's Photo Blog. His name is Evan, and he has cooler pics than me. So check his stuff out.

Soo...I didn't have time for a pic, so ladies and gentlemen, this is my lamp.

Well, here's one from last week :] :

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