Sunday, September 17, 2006

September 16

I was woken up my Ria and Niko this morning. We had some tasty brunch. The hot tea was good on my throat.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, messing around, and the bulk of it was writing my paper.

I've pretty much got the format down, and my aim, so all that's left is 3 more pages. Gotta finish it tomorrow because I need Monday to edit and study for Physics Exam. Haha oh boy.

Me and Steph went to Evans for pizza, there was supposed to be a cookout..but I guess that didn't work. We watched a movie then just hung out. Later we all went back to Allen and checked out Zack's dance party, then just chilled in my room for a bit.

Took the bus to a "90's HipHop" party over on 4th street. It wasn't the the best dance party. Fun tho

After all this, I insisted on more pizza. Then back to Allen....SLEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

My parents come in like 8 hours!!?!


noxious said...

And only five whole days until I definitely get to come see you!!!!<33

Alley said...

I told you tea would help