Tuesday, September 26, 2006

September 24

Woke up and had breakfast with my grandparents, it was nice to see them. And some homemade pancakes are always tasty :]

Then this nurse lady came to take my blood and stuff. I guess it was for some insurance thing my Dad set up for me.

Left after noon and headed to St. Louis. Met up with Cindy at Vintage Vinyl. We chilled on the Loop and got food.


Oh, it was so cool to see everyone and chill at the pageant. We hit up all the vintage shops and waited in line like old time shows in St. Louis. Everyone there was cool and nice, I mean, only so many people know about Sufjan. My Brightest Diamond opened. Her set was awesomely cool. I loved her sound, I need to check out some of her songs. Then Sufjan came out along with his orchestra and everyone freaked out. The highlight of the night was when he played 'Chicago' and then encore.

After the show there was a hot dog vendor outisde the pageant, yummy. Food is always tasty after a show. We decided not to wait for Sufjan, and just headed home. Said goodbye and I started my long, quiet treck home. The drive home was actually very nice. Passed the city at night, barely no one was on the road and all the lights pulsed so brightly. I set the cruise to 75 and talked to Clayton all the way home. Haha, it was well needed.

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