Saturday, September 23, 2006

September 23

Woke up this morning to Dan! Dan came to visit us (me and Kelsey). Then, Ryan showed up and we all went to lunch together w/ Stephanie too. Awesome times.

After lunch, Me Dan and Kelsey drove back to Springfield. The drive isn't too long, and it goes quickly with friends and music.

Taking road trips with your family seems so much longer than driving long distances with your friends.

When I got home I gave my family hugs and we just talked for a while. My Mom made me a PBJ..and it was soo good. haha. Later we went out to dinner to celebrate my Mom's bday with the neighbors. Went to this Thai was pretty good, cool atmosphere.

My neighbor gave me the most kickass old tv everr. She just like randomly gave it to me. She said she was at a garage sale and it was only a couple bucks, and I guess she thought I could use it. haha.

Well it's before midnight, but I think I'm off to bed. I to catch up on sleep and get some rest for tomorrow - lots of driving and sufjan. g'night


Alley said...

I read the part about your mom giving you a PBJ a little too fast and thought it said something else...yeah....

noxious said...

I like that TV. Among many other things.