Saturday, September 23, 2006

September 22

Fridays are the best everrrr.

Just a few classes in the morning, then I did some photo stuff in the afternoon. I got all my photo prints done, all ready to hand in monday.

Kelsey came on the train! Train stations are crazy. I've like never been to one before haha. I didn't know so many people actually road the train. Anyway, met her as she got off the train. Took her back to Allen. Got her settled in, she met all my friends, then we showed her around the campus as we waited for Evan and Bill to get out of a show.

We hung out on the quad, then went to late nite over at ISR. After we got some treats, then followed Katherine to a party up north of green street. It was alright, but we were only there for a bit. Once we got a call from Bill, we headed to his house.

DANCE PARTY NIGHT. Oh it was awesome.

No one knows how to throw a dance party like we do.


noxious said...

Sooo much fun! Thanks! <33