Friday, September 22, 2006

September 21

Woke up early this morning for history, then spent my morning doing laundry and watching the coolest movie everr. PERSRIPTION MURDER! It's from like the 60's. Damn it was so awesome. It's about this dude that kills his wife, and covers it up so perfectly. And there's this detective, that just Knows something isn't too perfect. And he keep investigating the husband. And the whole time you're just wanting him to stop so husband can WIN and run off.

But....well, you'll have to see the movie now won't cha!

Hhaha, well lunch this afternoon in Field of Greens after the little retro movie/laundry explosion of the morning.

Found out my Physics grade. I'll take it. Got an A in the class! Then walked to physics lecture @ 2 with Kristin. Wasn't very eventful.

Until dinner I found some sweet songs, did a bit of reading/hw/taking notes and hung out.

After dinner went with Evan and Aly over to the Union to see some bands. It was fun. Good times. Hahah

TOMORROW. Will be awesome.
I guarantee it.


noxious said...


And I really like No. 2. Well done.

Alley said...

#2 reminds me of Japanese cherry blossoms. Very pretty. And I better seeeee you on sat (or sun)!