Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20

Econ pop quiz this morning. What exaclty is the point of a pop quiz? Wouldn't you want your students to get the best possible grades in your course? Ah, it boggles my mind.

My neighbors came to visit! They were in Champaign for lunch with some clients, after that they stopped by Allen and check out my dorm room. After that we did some thrifting! It was funnnn. Ran into evan downtown, I learned later he wanted to take a photo of my neighbor? haha.

Me and steph went for a walk after that. Walked through old urbana, got some awesome shots.

After dinner, I took a walk and talked to kelsey on the phone. Then did some physics homework, then just hung out.

Feels good not to be rushed to have to finish a paper or study for an exam.


noxious said...

No. 1

And I simply cannot wait to see you.

Alley said...

Pop quizzes show whether or not you've been paying attention/understand the info.
Is there someone under the window in the first one or is it just my imagination?

Alley said...

Wait it's a flower
I'm such a re-re