Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 9

It was a chill saturday until after about 2. Earlier I had made myself some microwave mac-n-cheese, skipped lunch at Allen.

Got picked up by evan, bill, tommy. We headed to downtown champaign. Place is way cool. Thrift shops, used book stores, ice cream, comic books, pictures. Before we headed back, we stopped at Target for a few things. I picked up some soda and milk.

Somehow I remembered the Starcouse thing just as we were driving by the "meeting place". Got dropped off.
The entire thing was retarted, Im so glad I left early. Absolutely rediculous. I was so annoyed there. I mean there was some cool people, but the atmosphere and the way in which we were "told" to hang out was lame as hell. Ugh, anyway.

With Starcourse ended, stopped by Evans to get my groceries..but ended just staying for pizza and gothika. Ok I admit's not that bad. haha

Later we attempted a dance party, but no one is rescheduled I guess. Stephanie came tho, we just chilled. Later we were lead in a sort of...odd way? haha, to this apartment. It was a nice walk tho. There were some definite characters at that party...all in all, an overal good saturday.

So much work tomorrow.


noxious said...

lol.. Gothika.. Ohh Steve.. Good times.


hahah your just sayin that