Saturday, September 09, 2006

September 8


So I've figured Urbana dance parties are the sweetness now. SOOO Fun.

Got up this morning for Psych, then headed to Econ discussion at 12.

The rest of the afternoon was spent just chilling, finishing up a bit of work, watching tv, makes designs for Paulys door.

Headed to dinner, then Sean Ben and his roommate decided to dress in drag and try to rush? hahaha. It was out of control.

Dance parties later with lots of people at Evans, then headed to this house on Spfld. Rd. Way coooool.

Im tired, pics tomorrow.


Emily said...

yay blogspot. hah.

you're the only one I know on here.
besides my thirty-some year old aunt.

noxious said...

Does that say "capture" on the floor spelled out in masking tape?

Dan said...

wow that guitar man is our of control

Emily said...

ps- that picture r00lz. heh.