Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 6

Slept in a bit today and forgot my shower. Oops.

Lunch with Steph then a History discussion in Allen @ 12. You know, I really hate my history class. Not because we have to learn stuff, but the way in which she makes us learn! Why can't we just learn about history...the dates, the places, the people, the order? I DON'T give a shit about some ancient Sumerian myth, or comparing Hebrews to Syrians..

Took a walk to the Union to pay my due for Starcourse and stopped by Walgreens for some 3M hooks to fix the lights. They fell down last night. Me and Ryan woke up to our room covered in Xmas lights..quite amusing actually.

Anyway, got almost caught up in all my reading by dinner. Wafflez!

Project Runway @ 9

Watched Annie Hall on the 2nd floor after that. Awesome movie.

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