Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13

Econ lecture was a joke today, I it worth my time to get up at 8 and go to that thing?

Psych class is pretty much a joke too. We play games lol. We're probably all gonna be screwed for the final tho.

Lunch after History discussion, then I just relaxed/naped/iTuned it for basically 3 hours. Probably a complete waste of time, but I needed it. For dinner I made some soup and took medicine...*cough* Im sick!!

Later I hung out with Steph and we walked over to Evan's house. Me, Bill, and Evan headed to the library later. I actually got a lot of reading done, probably would've got more done if those people weren't so loud. bastards.

I just had some cereal and it was awesome.


noxious said...

# 1

I had a little bout of sickness about a week ago. It went away quickly, though. I hope you feel better! <3

Alley said...

What kind of cereal...?

P.S.-Feel better! Drink lots of hot tea!