Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 12

I think I'm getting sick. Boo

History this morning, followed by a huge break in which I lounged and read, got some work done, watched the apple event.

iTunes 7!

Haha, anyway I headed to Physics later, making a stop at the Union to attempt to quit Starcrouse. Stupid thing.

After physics I did hw with Kristin and lots of help from my roommate..hehe.

Later after a good dinner of chinese food (hell yea!) headed to the library with Steph, Evan and Bill. Fun times, got my history paper done too. I thought I wouldn't get any work done but I did. I was glad. Headed to late night afterward for some treats.

Checked out the lego party and watched the Cubs win around 11. haha, good times in Allen Hall.


Alley said...

The first one makes me dizzy

noxious said...

You've always tried to get a good staircase shot and I think you finally got one!