Monday, October 02, 2006

October 2

Beginning of a new week, another Monday.

For some reason I didnt' have econ lecture this morning, so I got to sleep in 'till 9.15!!

After psych I had lunch with steph. She talked about her trips to chicago tonight to see bands. She's going to have fun, hopefully they all make it back safe.

Before photog @ 2, I went over to the pond and sat for an hour and got basically caught up on ALL my history readings. Now I just need to worry about learning terms, chronolgy, and some important sources for the midterm next week.

Dinner with Ally after 4 long hour of photog, but it did include some short breaks...*shhhhh*

Haha. Did homework and laundry/vacuming for the rest of the night. Then chilled.

Gots more work to finish up tomorrow and classes, maybe a trip to the store to get the CD anyone wanna come?


Update with lots of pics soon.

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