Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October 3

It's so freakin' hot here again, and the humidity is back...along with the bugs.

History lecture this morning. Even tho it is like, my most demanding class, I really enjoy it. The Prof is so smart. You learn so much from her just listening and not worrying about jotting down millions of notes during class.

Walked with Steph to mail a package after lunch. Then took some photos.

After physics I stopped my the Apple Store to see if they could fix my sticky 'j' key. But neither of the guys working there knew wtf was going on. I got to see the new ipod nanos tho...freakin' slick.

Did some homework before Dinner. After dinner went to the store with Steph, then to Evans, then BACK to the store and downtown for some photos, back to evans for a movie. It's all good tho, fun times. Thank You For Smoking...awesome movie. I loved the presentation, all the highlights were blown out and the saturation lowered. Lovesss it.

I took the same path, there and back, twice today. Hmmm


noxious said...

I like the colors in no. 1

Alley said...

#2 is cool