Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October 4

Another pointless Econ lecture this morning, follow by an hour of torturing fish in Psych.

Did a bit of work before History lecture at a few words in today. Some people just talk their freakin' heads off.

Lunch @ 1. Then work work work 'till dinner @ 5. Waffe, mashed potatoes, chocolate milk, and some cookies!

Later when it was old and dark I took my first buddled up walk to the quad to pick up my history paper. The average was a C....and i got a B!! YAH!!!

Studied more, then project runway, late nite. Sleep


noxious said...

There has been a bike theme stirring up around blogs lately.

Anonymous said...

j3w 4nd j00re b1ik3z...d45nz

Alley said...

Do you have a bike fetish or something?