Tuesday, October 10, 2006

October 9

Econ lecture, then came back and studied until lunch for Psych. Took a break, then went back to studying until Dinner.

After dinner I got a bit more review in before the Exam @ 7. When I got back at 8.30 it was straight into History. I hadn't studied yet for history, and it's tomorrow at 9am! Ahhhh. But it's shouldn't be as bad as Psych.

Psych exam went well I think. The one's I didn't 100% know I skipped, and when I went back there was about 10 of those, out of 80? So as I went back over them I figured some out, had to guess on some, and you could actually as the prof. questions...which I always do because they seem to coach you through the question and you can tell what the right answer is :]

Tomorrow, wake up early, shower, food, study...another exam!!

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noxious said...

Very nice picture today.

And I remember you asking Ms. Poetzcher (sp) questions all the time during tests.