Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 11

Econ this morning, got out early for quiz.
Psych next, got out early cause the prof was too distraught to teach because..this is true, her brid died over the night.
An, and in history at noon, we got out early because he discovered no one did the reading.

For the rest of the day I lounged, watched CNN about the plane crashy thingy, did dinner, played video games, did some reading.

After dinner, me and ally walked to Evan and Bills. We went to see Meg&Dia in Dewey, IL? Yeah, we def got lost. We called up virginia and she helped us out alot. It turns out we were basically right by the venue, but didn't know, but the path she lead us on took us right to the band's car/trailer..they were lost too. So we got to meet the band...Bill freaked out haha.

The show was awesome, got the Cd from Bill, importing it now. Yayyy..then when got back to the house we hung out for a bit. Bill drove us home. Awesome night!

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