Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 21

Left Champaign with Evan early afternoon. Got home by 3 or something, we just chilled with my Mom and hung out.

Erin and Becca got to my house about 4.45-5 and we packed into my car and headed to St. Louis.

Fun drive there, bit of traffic once we reached the city, but it's all good - got to the show on time.

Hellogoodbye was amazing. So much fun. All 3, yes 3, opening bands were horrible. Ugh, but the wait was worth it. Hgb rocked the house, so fun. Silly string and dancing, crowd surfing, massive amounts of kids. At one point the crowd literally fell into itself and Erin was at the bottom and almost died...hahah.

Tired afterward, but drive back with soft jazz and talks was nice.


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