Monday, October 30, 2006

October 28

Saturday was chill. Me, Steph and Clayton took one of the coolest little adventures into Urbana.

Found this beautiful park. The wind was blowing, but it wasn't too cold, and all the trees were bright orange and red. The leaves covered the ground and the sky was bright blue. A perfect day.

We explored the Urbana high school. Cool place, I love the architecture. Classic "old style" high school, compared to what I went to. ew

On our walk back we found this baby squirrel that had fallen out of a tree. It was just laying there, crying and helpless. We were like, oh shit we need to do something. So we decided to call animal control or the police or something. They basically told us, "Squirrels die everday. It's a part of nature, move on." Whahhhaaat? So all we could do was build a pile of leaves for it to rest in and keep it warm. rip little bud

Panera in Champaign with everyone. So yummy.

Another halloween party in downtown champaign later. Roof access, lights, dj, raves 'till 3am. Hahah awesome times.

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