Friday, August 18, 2006

August 17

Today was too cool.

Got up, traveled to Champaign, had lunch, then arrived at the dorm. It was so crazy. People were everwhere. My roomate didn't show up 'till later, who's name btw is Ryan and he actually very cool. We've been hanging out all day. I've also met alot of other cool kids on my floor. Anyway. We unloaded everything and got it all to the room. Then started the hours of organizing and cleaning and rearraging. My roomate didn't come 'till like 2-3ish, and I got there at 12.

After everything was settled in with both of stuff we hung out for a bit then headed up staris to dinner. We had crazy intro orientation things, like people dressed as robots doing the electric slide?! Uhm yeah the we had pizza, it was an awesome time. I met alot of people. Then we hung out and met our RAs, then did the..OH there was a band - good solid cover band, it was fun. Left there then did more chilling in the room. We left our door open and all these people came by and said hello and we met alot more people, way cool.

Later there was this drum thing and we made bets by hitting on trash cans and shit, then stormed through the dorm. Even later we all played capture the flag on the empty quad, and my team won..YAh!

Tomorrow...idk. Im tired tho. I gotta pick up books and I guess do more orientation activites. G'night.


Dan said...

take pics of your dorm room area!

Alley said...

I'm glad you're having so much fun! I wanna see piccahs too! *coughcoughespeciallythecuteboys

Kelsey said...

Justin! I finally got my internet set up. Now I can comment/chat?

P.S. I forgot my username/password for Blogger so... yeah.