Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 18

Hellogoodbye = Music now.

2nd day at school. I woke up a bit confused at how the day would go, or what I'd need to do..but it ended up being very cool.

Had my first "dorm shower" this morning after a so-so breakfast. It was definitely different, but there wasn't anyone else in there and the water was hot. It's definitely not like at home and I don't feel like I can spend 20 min in there just standing. It's a more "get in, get out" type of thing.

After I got cleaned out I just sorta hung out. I accidenty missed a meeting thing, but I caught the second one. Lunch time! The steak wraps were kinda nasty, but I really liked the soup. Said goodbye to people we hung out at lunch with and decided to take the tour of the recreation center right next door to the dorm. It's freakin' nice inside there.

Then it was carnival time. The coolest part was the massive painting that everyone could add something to. I put that tree trunk in there on the bottom. Chilled after that and played video games with kids on the floor. I tore those kids down with picachu!

The massive dance party was at 7 and it was so awesome. There was a sweet DJ and massive speakers, it was dark and there was bubble machines and smoke machines. It was crazyy. Everyone basically broke it down and had raves on the floor. I met alot of cool people while dancing, I just keep forgeting their names! GOD I can't remember anyones.

Then...OH, game night. I was tired for that. Rested up in my room until Pool party at 11-1. It was definitely fun..was at the new rec center right next to us. We all played volleyball and went down the slide, at the end the hot tub felt so good.

Now it's almost 2 and I'm sleeping in tomorrow. g'night

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